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  1. I wear a black (or at least was black, now it’s sort of ashy and grey) denim jacket from Saint. ( https://www.saint.cc/denim ) it’s sort of wildly expensive for denim, but it’s durable as fuck. And I’m vegan so I don’t wear leather, so it does its job well.
  2. Wild. We’re practically neighbors, but I’m like 30 miles inland. although I’ve lived in every part of this country and did my time with weather. Perpetual summer is aok with me.
  3. Thanks homie! My job gives me a lot of, not sure what to do so I might as well dick around on my phone time, so if this place proves friendly I’ll be around. Nice! What part of California?
  4. I wasn’t aware of the grindcore documentary. Thanks for the link. Will check out.
  5. Thanks for the welcome! as for what I listen to, lately it’s been a lot of darkthrone, mayhem, of feather and bone, leviathan, wolves in the throne room, stuff in that realm. and for work, I teach graphic design. Not too far from painting
  6. Most of the cannibal corpse cannon would be pretty offensive to joe public for sure. Entrails from a virgins cunt, for example. But further digging I feel like a lot of black metal, especially the church burning variety or the NSBM stuff would be considered pretty offensive.
  7. Hi there, first post. I live in Southern California, am 41, and a college professor. I listen to all music, not just metal, but as far as metal goes, I mostly listen to black metal and death metal. aside from music, I’m mostly into motorcycles, vintage scooters, graffiti, skateboarding, and vegan food. (Even though I’m old). and general academia stuff. and that concludes my first post. :)