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What are some of the weirdest metal releases that you have come across in regards to general format, questionable decisions about song order, and being generally unique?  I am not meaning albums that are necessarily bad (I actually like the albums that I discuss below), but just strange.  Here are some that I have noticed:

Garage Inc. - Metallica:  An album that consists solely of cover songs is something that I have never come across before.  It is an interesting idea, though, and seems like a great way to pay tribute to everyone you feel influenced by/have fun playing the music of other bands that you like.  I like some of Metallica's renditions a lot, and actually wish that more bands would attempt albums like this (as opposed to occasionally participating in tribute compilations).

大虐殺、そして殲滅,,,,人類ヘの対抗手段としての「原子力」 / Holocausto E Aniquilação! Poder Atômico Contra A Humanidade - Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle / Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes:

I really love Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes (and this split also), but the song order on both sides is just bizarre.

A1 - Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Conquistador (Xantotol Cover)

A2 – Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Triunfo Do Caos

A3 – Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Mulher De Desejos Sombrios (Bathory Cover)

A4 – Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Ritos Noturnos (Evil Cover)

A5 – Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Outro

A6 – Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Breath Of Deadly Silence

B1 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Intro: Kuso Bozu

B2 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Dehumanizing Cesspool For Future Of Humanity

B3 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Alone Marching With Monk's Body Parts (Rehearsal)

B4 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Doku (Rehearsal)

B5 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes DOKU

B6 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Poisonous Gas Thrower Of Jigoku (Rehearsal)

B7 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Necrosis Of A Rather Extensive Part Of The Jejunum-ileum (Lymphatic Phlegm Cover)

B8 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Crash The Crash

B9 – Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes Detritivorous Kamigami (Demo)

I have never seen a release that mixes covers, outros, and rehearsals in a manner like this.  Typically, such tracks are presented as bonuses at the end.  I have not come across any that intersperse them to such a great degree as this.  On top of all that, the cdr version of the split contains a third portion with demo tracks from Reek of the Unzen Gas Fume's previous incarnation as a different, more grindcore-oriented band!

Apparently this split is no longer on youtube, but here is one of the covers:


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My first pick for this would have to be Celtic Frost's Into The Pandemonium. Can't find a full stream of it on Youtube right now, but for me it's a classic case of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Do I actually like their cover of "Mexican Radio"? Would I ever listen to the industrial interludes on their own? Are Tom Warrior's weird spoken vocal stylings any good at all? It kind of doesn't matter. The alchemy of the album as a whole is what makes it all work. Campy radio pop (albeit seen through a CF lens), moody gloom that borders on the Gothic, thrashy pummeling, and odd symphonic bits all smooshed together one after another... and that's just the first four songs. There's an almost theatrical, almost narrative quality that develops as it goes along. Picking the "good songs" off this album and ignoring the rest would be missing the forest for the trees. With that in mind, here's a track...


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Well...I would have to go with Against by Sepultura...

So Max had left & the band had decided to recruit a new vocalist & carry as on Sepultura...which was the right move for them to make. They ended up recruiting former Alpha Jerk/Outface vocalist Derrick Green & the fact he was an African American wasn't even an issue for me...I was just keen to hear the new album/material. Sepultura was the first metal band I started listening to so I was going to stick with them no matter what (as well as listening to Soulfly of course) and when the album finally dropped it was well...really strange.

Now the album starts off strongly with the first 6 tracks all being solid to great...but then things seem to go off the rails somewhat.

The album features 5 instrumental tracks (one being a cover song) while two other tracks feature guest vocalists (Reza & Hatred Aside) & while Green does sing on Hatred Aside...he does not on Reza. Meaning out of the 15 songs on Against...Green only sings on 9 of them.


Even the "B-Sides" recorded around this time featured guest vocalists...which just seem so counterproductive when trying to establish Green as the new "mouthpiece" of the band.

This was a terrible start for Green's career in Sepultura & one could argue that while Nation & Roorback weren't terrible...he really didn't start flexing his true vocal talents till Dante XXI & A-Lex.

Of course I'm glad he did...because to my ears Sepultura is still one of the best metal bands in the world.

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    • Whichever tier of thrash metal you consigned Sacred Reich back in the 80's/90's they still had their moments.  "Ignorance" & "Surf Nicaragura" did a great job of establishing the band, whereas "The American Way" just got a little to comfortable and accessible (the title track grates nowadays) for my ears.  A couple more records better left forgotten about and then nothing for twenty three years.  2019 alone has now seen three releases from Phil Rind and co.  A live EP, a split EP with Iron Reagan and now a full length.

      Notable addition to the ranks for the current throng of releases is former Machine Head sticksman, Dave McClean.  Love or hate Machine Head, McClean is a more than capable drummer and his presence here is felt from the off with the opening and title track kicking things off with some real gusto.  'Divide & Conquer' and 'Salvation' muddle along nicely, never quite reaching any quality that would make my balls tingle but comfortable enough.  The looming build to 'Manifest Reality' delivers a real punch when the song starts proper.  Frenzied riffs and drums with shots of lead work to hold the interest.

      There's a problem already though (I know, I am such a fucking mood hoover).  I don't like Phil's vocals.  I never had if I am being honest.  The aggression to them seems a little forced even when they are at their best on tracks like 'Manifest Reality'.  When he tries to sing it just feels weak though ('Salvation') and tracks lose real punch.  Give him a riffy number such as 'Killing Machine' and he is fine with the Reich engine (probably a poor choice of phrase) up in sixth gear.  For every thrashy riff there's a fair share of rock edged, local bar act rhythm aplenty too.

      Let's not poo-poo proceedings though, because overall I actually enjoy "Awakening".  It is stacked full of catchy riffs that are sticky on the old ears.  Whilst not as raw as perhaps the - brilliant - artwork suggests with its black and white, tattoo flash sheet style design it is enjoyable enough.  Yes, 'Death Valley' & 'Something to Believe' have no place here, saved only by Arnett and Radziwill's lead work but 'Revolution' is a fucking 80's thrash heyday throwback to the extent that if you turn the TV on during it you might catch a new episode of Cheers!

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    • https://www.metalforum.com/blogs/entry/52-vltimas-something-wicked-marches-in/
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    • https://www.metalforum.com/blogs/entry/48-candlemass-the-door-to-doom/
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    • Full length number 19 from overkill certainly makes a splash in the energy stakes, I mean there's some modern thrash bands that are a good two decades younger than Overkill who can only hope to achieve the levels of spunk that New Jersey's finest produce here.  That in itself is an achievement, for a band of Overkill's stature and reputation to be able to still sound relevant four decades into their career is no mean feat.  Even in the albums weaker moments it never gets redundant and the energy levels remain high.  There's a real sense of a band in a state of some renewed vigour, helped in no small part by the addition of Jason Bittner on drums.  The former Flotsam & Jetsam skinsman is nothing short of superb throughout "The Wings of War" and seems to have squeezed a little extra out of the rest of his peers.

      The album kicks of with a great build to opening track "Last Man Standing" and for the first 4 tracks of the album the Overkill crew stomp, bash and groove their way to a solid level of consistency.  The lead work is of particular note and Blitz sounds as sneery and scathing as ever.  The album is well produced and mixed too with all parts of the thrash machine audible as the five piece hammer away at your skull with the usual blend of chugging riffs and infectious anthems.  

      There are weak moments as mentioned but they are more a victim of how good the strong tracks are.  In it's own right "Distortion" is a solid enough - if not slightly varied a journey from the last offering - but it just doesn't stand up well against a "Bat Shit Crazy" or a "Head of a Pin".  As the album draws to a close you get the increasing impression that the last few tracks are rescued really by some great solos and stomping skin work which is a shame because trimming of a couple of tracks may have made this less obvious. 

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