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  1. *Slowly killing music It's one in a thousand for a band to make it big nowdays, and by big I mean big only to the genre's audience. In order to become mainstream, you either need to fuck the right guys, or be a pawn of your manager/promoting companies, meaning they will make you look how they want you to look, and give you already written songs to "sing". In other words, you will be much closer to a model than a singer..
  2. First and only time I went to a concert with parents, was many many years ago, with my dad and uncle on a Scorpions/Whitesnake concert. I've seen parents bringing their kids to concerts many times. Some dude had his 10year old boy to front line on a slayer concert. Not sure how he managed to do that.. (considering in Greece, the crowd is not really "calm" especially within at least ~100 meters from the stage)
  3. I think this thread needs to be in the heavy/tradition section. A lot of awesome albums and bands from the 80's rock n' roll decade. Of course it went downhill late 80's because of MTV's commercialism, but still there were decent releases even then. Classic albums: Motley Crue: too Fast for Love & Shout at the Devil & DR. Feelgood Ratt: Out of the Cellar & Invasion of your Privacy Quiet Riot: Metal Health Dokken: Tooth and Nail & Under Lock and Key WASP: WASP & Last Command Cinderella: Night Songs Skid Row: Skid Row Winger: Winger Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry Van Halen: 1984 David lee roth: Eat ' Em and Smile Vixen: Vixen Def Leppard: Pyromania & Hysteria Hanoi Rocks: their '81 and '84 Albums were great (plus they were the band that kinda started the whole movement) I might be forgetting some, but oh-well. Worth mentioning: A lot of bands changed their sound in the 90's and still did excellent work Ratt: Detonator & Reach for the Sky Motley Crue: Saints of L.A. (Heavy metal album) Cinderella: Long cold Winter & Hearbreak station (Awesome rock n' roll with Blues elements) Winger: Better days coming WASP: Crimson Idol / Headless Children / Babylon Skid Row: Slave to the Grind (much heavier than their debut album) There are more but can't post em all now ;P Nowdays acts: Steel panther are a parody band with joke lyrics, but they play decent music in many songs. Sweden has started also a glam metal movement in the mid 2000's. Crashdiet is probsbly the most famous band that plays 80's rock n' roll nowdays. Check their album Rest in Sleaze.
  4. Yeah because Mayhem are the most talented metal band on the planet right now.............. sigh Also, who respects music and cares about grammys?!
  5. Hmm. Here in Greece, on a Slayer concert Anselmo came on stage halfshow because it was his Bday, and they played Pantera's Fucking Hostile. Leaving about 20k people shouting "Pantera" "Pantera", with Slayer on stage. So I'm gonna take it that your statement is controversial, because you said just good.
  6. No. No such thing as humour! Only super serious deep meaningfull songs like this one!
  7. It made no sense lore-wise, because Arwen would put the whole mission on danger. Glorfindel was the only Elf in Rivendel who could stand against the Nazgul, like he did in the past in many occasions. Plus it would be fun to see 5 Nargul chicken in front of an Elf ! PS: I'm not saying the hobbit is the best movie ever, but it does not deserve all the bad critics it got... (generally speaking)
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