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  1. 5 Reasons Why You Love Metal The Music, the concerts, the community, the raw and brutal sounds that make you wanna bang your head till it drops. I love Metal because it's Majestic.
  2. Euronymous killed Dead? Well it's more logical if Dead really killed himself, he was suicidal after all, but I am not so sure, I mean Dead's death helped the bands fame in the black metal scene. Even if he killed himself I believe Euronymous was nothing but happy for what happened.
  3. I reviewed the whole story that happened during the making of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" album of Mayhem. The plan to burn the Cathedral, which is depicted on the album cover, with the assistance of Varg Vikernes, who killed later on Euronymous, with the excuse that he was going to get tortured to death by him.If all this is correct, then Euronymous had a really sick mind... So in order to make his album famous he had some plans, so his album can be called like a message from Satan or simply an album with history, this might be true since he calls himself a descendant of Satan. He also took
  4. what song would you want played at your funeral? Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath Bathory-Call from the Grave Possessed- Burning in Hell Venom-Leave me in Hell Candlemass-Solitude Iron Maiden-Infinite Dreams Iron Maiden-2 Minutes to Midnight Mayhem-Funeral Fog Death-Beyond the Unholy Grave Nile-Sarcophagus Slayer-Jesus Saves Morbid Angel-Visions from the Dark Side Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark
  5. Ways To Kill Justin Bieber Poll I would tie him in a chair and make him listen to Suicidal Metal for 48 hours.
  6. Metallica Thrash??? Unfortunately Metallica will never play their 80's style for a few reasons. 1. Lars really sucks at his drum play, the last few years. 2. Ballads sell to the masses. My opinion... Someone has to leave!
  7. Metallica Thrash??? And yet, "Nothing Else Matters" headlines everyone. This is so pathetic. I went to a big 4 concert 2 years ago. Anthrax opened the big 4 concert, then Megadeth came up, then Slayer and finally Metallica. They freakin' destroyed the whole thrash atmosphere that Slayer and Megadeth pumped us up with. I certainly hope Metallica gets replaced next time by Kreator.
  8. The Internet is slowly killing Metal (YouTube + RealPlayer) => Torrent => Piracy => Free => [Music = (Job*0) =>(Hobby > Job) => "Musician needs an actual paying job" Do the math...
  9. Led Zepplin Mine is Bommunication Creakdown
  10. Metallica Thrash??? Well I didn't ignore Anthrax, I just didn't include them, even though I think that Anthrax are way better than Metallica, I wanted to mention only the real deal in aggression. Other than that, I'm pretty sure that Anthrax uses as a toilet paper all the Metallica albums made since the 90', when the aggressors named Metallica revealed their soft side with those crappy ballads... The funny part is that these ballads are considered thrash.
  11. Well, I must say that they are pioneers in the thrash scene. But it seems ridiculous at a big 4 live, after listening at "Tornado of Souls" and "Raining Blood", to listen to "Unforgiven" or "Nothing Else Matters". I know that Master of Puppets is one of the best thrash albums of all time, but during the 90's they lost the game. The only band that kept the pure thrashy sound and remained solid is Slayer. Metallica is a great band, but I think they are only good for opening big 4 concerts, instead of closing them. What do you think?
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