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  1. This is one of many things the Bandcamp model gets right. Musicians can set a number for how many times someone gets to stream an album for free before they're asked to purchase. The default is 3 but one can set it to anything. We can also turn it off to make streaming unlimited. Seems totally fair to leave it in the hands of musicians. On a different topic, I am not lamenting the current absence of political rants or bizzare non-sequitur disquisitions on the nonexistence of objective reality or supposed dietary harms caused by vegetables. Shit gets old fast.
  2. I have yet to get into any newer Darkthrone. The couple albums they did after Sardonic Wrath got too far away from what I liked about them and I stopped keeping up. I had a lot of time for everything they'd done up to that point though. The ones I've listened to the most lately are Panzerfaust, Total Death, and Hate Them. Maybe it's time for another little Darkthrone run. My favorite of theirs by a mile. Really cool creative album. I was just messaging with a guy on another forum who's apparently roommates with one of the Mastodon guys and did some work on that album. Nifty.
  3. Moved to promotion section. It would be cool if we had a dedicated spot for this kind of thing, since it comes up frequently enough, but in the absence of that, promo is where it goes.
  4. I wear Western boots most of the time, but good waterproof work boots are my go-to for hiking and long walks. I have a pair of Red Wings that I got resoled recently after about 10 years. A holdover from my construction and shop days, still great. I have some decent sneakers that I wear around the house when I'm painting to take pressure off my back and knees. I haven't been able to run in years - another holdover from my construction and shop days. Knees are kinda fucked. Ok under normal use but prone to sudden debilitating pain and loss of mobility if I do anything too high-impact or turn the wrong way as I'm landing.
  5. Deathspell Omega - Chaining The Katechon Deathspell Omega - The Synarchy Of Molten Bones
  6. Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit
  7. Fates Warning - Parallels ...whoopsy daisy, I guess Rush got me in a mood for fruity prog metal.
  8. Those prices are making me rethink my plan to retire to the antipodes.
  9. Hey man, there's no shame in being different. You said it was oddly shaped yourself.
  10. It was your profile pic for almost 2 years. Didn't realize it was your dingus! Looked weird.
  11. May need a recipe for this... if nothing else, it'll at least tide me over til Christmas comes back around.
  12. I kind of can't help it with them. Too many good albums. I might go a few months here and there without listening to them, but then some dolphin-shaped cucumber inevitably posts something from Kerrang magazine and I'm right back at it.
  13. This album is super good. NP: Rush - Power Windows
  14. It's really low res so I can't fully make it out, but that says candy eggs, right? Candy eggs are dumb but explainable.
  15. If you can have eggs at dinner, of course you can have stout for breakfast. Egg stout. Wait, no, that sounds awful. I'm having a Leffe brown ale, which isn't McChouffe, but doesn't suck, and it has the tiniest bit of rye whiskey in for flavor. Solid.
  16. I thought the end was fine, seeing as it's planned out for 3 seasons. But I could definitely see it going off the rails at this point if they don't handle it well. Dark was very good but felt a bit rushed in the final section, like they needed just a couple more episodes to really tie it together, so I'm hoping they get the chance to see things through properly with this show. Willow sucks. I love the movie and gave the show a solid chance, but the dialogue is bad, the premise is somehow both weird and trite, and the plot just deteriorated further and further with each episode. Waste of time and intellectual property. I can't wait for a crossover with Rings Of Power.
  17. I played in a band with Eric Bloom's son for a little while when I was still in Brooklyn. Good drummer and super cool dude. I never got into BÖC past the hits though. NP: Satyricon - The Shadowthrone I love the way they integrated that music. One of many effective things about the show. It sucks to see other shows try and fail to pull something similar off, like the way they're doing it with the credits on that new Willow show... cheapens the idea somehow.
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