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    Hello. I'm Erin aka Surelda. I listen to mostly metal, predominately black metal and folk metal. I also enjoy classical and neo-classical, as well as some dark ambient. I enjoy playing MMOs, I play WoW (surprise, surprise). I also like to read true crime, mystery, as well as science fiction genres.
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    Reading, Music, MMOs, Fitness

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  1. Surelda

    Hello from Florida

    Some of my favourites are Dargaard, Nox Arcana, and Dark Sanctuary.
  2. Surelda

    Worst black metal bands

    Yes! I agree haha.
  3. Surelda

    Hello from Florida

    I'm the same way. It's usually some form of black metal or folk metal, with some neo-classical thrown in when the mood hits. I like "The Extraconscious Lucidity" a lot.
  4. Surelda

    Hello from Florida

    As far as narrowing it down, I've been into Akhlys, Nightbringer, and Mare Cognitum lately. I really enjoy the album "The Dreaming I" by Akhlys. I also enjoy Xasthur and Nortt when in the mood for the "depressive" atmosphere.
  5. Surelda


    Love Falkenbach!
  6. Surelda

    Hello from Florida

    Hello. I'm Erin, and I'm from Florida. I listen to metal. Ask me questions, I guess?
  7. Surelda

    Worst black metal bands

    I've been listening to Black Metal for 14+ years and I have never been able to get into Mayhem. Yeah, yeah, I've tried. Is it just one of those bands that people gravitate towards because of their history? Musically, they aren't that great, imho.