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  1. How important, in your mind, is a band's name in regards to weather or not you will give them a listen if they are a band you have never heard of?
  2. Nephilim

    Viking Doom

    Thanks, gonna start digging right now.
  3. Nephilim


    I asked if it would be cool to use one of their song titles as a name for a one man black/synth project I'm working on.
  4. Nephilim

    Viking Doom

    So I really dig Doom, and I really dig a lot of the viking themed metal out there. I've done some searching and can't find any viking themed doom bands. So my question is this, are there any viking themed doom bands? Are there any folk inspired doom bands?
  5. Nephilim


    I second this. I've contacted them on instagram before and they answered pretty quickly.
  6. I'm fond of the obvious bands like Crowbar, Eyehategod and Down, I'm also a big Red Fang fan, and really dig bands that straddle the sludge/stoner line like High on Fire and Sleep(cliche I know)
  7. In no particular order, Black, Death, Sludge.
  8. What's everyone's preference for intro riff tempo vs song tempo? Personally I'm into slow dirge like intro riffs that slowly pick up speed and then faster riffs in the song(for the most part). I'm interested to hear other opinions and why.
  9. Hair metal has one thing going for it, it introduced a lot of people(myself included) to metal, albeit in a round about way. Because of hair metal being played on the radio and such it led plenty of people to explore metal in general and for some of us, started a lifelong love of all things heavy.
  10. Nephilim


    That is rather good. Personally I'm surprised, I was wary when this album was announced, thinking it might have too much hype and not be able to live up to it. Pleasantly surprised to find that this also gives me hope for the album.
  11. Nephilim


    I like to fuck to necrolust and chainsaw gutsfuck does that count?
  12. I would say personality, but i'm an ok guitarist at best so that might be biasing my decision.
  13. As a gear whore I prefer playthroughs. I like to see what the guitarists are using. Same reason I'll binge watch rig rundowns when I'm up late at night with insomnia.
  14. I think RIP is so highly regarded because, from a recording standpoint, it's more pleasing to the ears. Add in that it was the first Megadeth album to feature Marty Friedman, and you have a solid album. I think it's a great album to use to get people into Megadeth, get them hooked and then introduce everything else. I also agree with, in my opinion at least, Peace sells is the better album, if for no other reason than the title track and the conjuring.
  15. I think it really depends. There was a lot of shit metal back then too, we just don't remember it and it didn't stand the test of time. Today we have it all at our fingertips, literally. You can go to youtube or google and find just about anything, including good AND bad bands. Sadly, as metal became more "mainstream" the record companies pushed the acts that they could sell to the lowest common denominator, which tends to be easy listening type metal. I LIKE that you have to search for good metal in a sea of crap. It makes finding that gem of a band that much more satisfying.