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    Gamer, game developer, musician, and metalhead. Plays bass and tries to sing. Loves Tool, Iron Maiden, PTH, Metallica, SOAD, prog metal, grunge, etc.
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    Bass, gaming, music, computers, coding, D/D, Yu-Gi-Oh!, sleeping, being stupid.

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  1. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (while at school) We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs (in the car)
  2. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Devin Townsend - Addicted! (yes, my music tastes stretch from Tool to Linkin Park)
  3. so very true. it would be like not knowing freddie mercury was gay
  4. Gojira - Magma Devin Townsend Project - Addicted
  5. More heavy Devy... Addicted! - Devin Townsend Project (actually listening to it right now!)
  6. Devin Townsend Project - Addicted!
  7. I can agree, Book Of Souls slaps, but Senjutsu has a different feel to the rest. Some may not like this new feel, but some love it.
  8. some idiots consider the red hot chili peppers metal, but i don't. hard question, actually, because you mentioned all the ones i know. i love protest the hero! also sorry for late response
  9. Tool - 10,000 Days The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium
  10. Tornado of Souls, easily. Victory and She-Wolf are great too.
  11. 5: Hooker With A Penis - 1:30 SO MUCH ENERGY! There is so much energy in this song. 4: Ticks and Leeches - 1:09 The first scream of the song is the best. It's so raw, and harsh, and... damn, I love it! 3: The Grudge - 6:59 This one is obviously iconic, but not the best. But still, the talent... 2: Eulogy - 7:57 This one gets me every damn time. It's just incredible. 1: Bottom - 5:52 There really isn't any other option for this one. I cry when I hear this sometimes.
  12. This is the Mars Volta's debut album in 2003. This is a pretty solid album all the way through. Inertactic Esp is insane, and Roulette Dares is one of my all time favourite songs. Drunkenship of Lanterns also vibes. But, it's so chaotic, it's sometimes a bit hard to listen to. Of course, that's their style, but it's a bit insane. Props for the cool packaging, though! Also, the deep theme of the concept album is pretty cool as well. It's about their friend and past band member who committed suicide. 7/10
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