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  1. This message made my day! Thank you
  2. Thank you for answering my question so quick! You seem like professional so I am going to ask. Do you know Guitars about same price range 1000-1300 that are good for like death metal or something heavy like that without being RGD. I want to buy myself guitar which is really simple to use. Simple to drop and de drop. I am not saying RGD are difficult but I though maybe you know something awesome that I would like. Thank you again
  3. Hello! I want to buy myself this new Ibanez RGD61ALA-MTR. I am pretty new to this whole guitar world and some things are so difficult for me to understand, I am sorry if I ask stupid questions but my question is that. Can I standard E tune this guitar? The guitar scale length is 26,5 and It comes with standard D tuning. I really like this guitar because how heavy you can play with that but I also want to play clean nice songs sometimes in standard E. So can I just tune this RGD guitar and play in standard E and down tune to lets say drop D If I want to play more metal? Thank you all!
  4. Hello! I am new here so I do not know if this topic will show up but I hope it does I came here because, I wanted to know if someone feels like I do or maybe I am just turning crazy! I am very happy person and very loving but I am feeling lately that I am starting to look people the other way. What I feel is maybe dumb because I am young in fact just turning 18 but I really love metal music especially black metal and death metal. I have been listening to metal since I was little boy but in 2022 I started to listen to more harsh stuff like black metal or death metal. I really love it because I feel it connects me somehow, I even read black metal book (I Never usually read but this just shows how much I love this kind of music and community). Like I said I was and still I am really happy person but I feel like all other people are just the same, and by that I mean people how listen like rap on pop or some other kind of genres. I just feel that everything they listen to is that some guy raps about wanting to sleep with one girl or cries about girl. And do not get me wrong I listen to all sort of music even rap but old school more if I ever listen to it. I just feel like metal genre or rock even feels like something different, I feel like I am more then people who just listen to club music or something. I never was like that. But I just feel like they do not even deserve this sort of music that I listen to, I feel like they are so controlled and they just want to be trendy and they do not even understand what song is telling you or what is going on they only care about beat and some girls or something. When I meet like with new people, like girls for example, and I ask them what they are doing or listening to, they are all like lil nas x or some kind of new rap artist. And every time when I hear that I feel like this girl is like all the other girls nowadays. I am speaking like I am old man maybe but I feel like people in my age are so stupid and they do not know what they are doing or what is really going on in this world, I feel like they are just random NPC or robots who do the same things and listen to same music. Like I said before maybe I am just turning crazy but I really do feel like that and It makes me kind of hate people. I especially get mad when someone is talking shit about metal genre because I feel like they do not know even what they are talking about, they all think this is just screaming and they can not understand anything and they are satanist or something. I have even started to be alone because I do not know anyone my age who is listening same music as me or thinking like me. NOW IT MAY SOUND THAT I CHOOSE PEOPLE OF THEIR MUSIC TASTE AND THATS NOT TRUE!!! I choose people how they think about life or overall how they are thinking and what they are doing overall. but I never show it out. I have lots of friends but more I grow, more I feel like they are not like me and I am starting to drift away from them because I feel like I am different and I want to meet people who are like me. I feel like there is no point talking to people who are just so blind and dumb. Maybe I am just massive ego and if I am I really want to but end to this but it is how I feel and It all started when I started to look world other way around not like people my age look at it and metal music has helped me a lot. But of course I go to parties and talk to other people and other girls and hang out but deep inside I feel like they are just same and it is very rarely that I find someone who is really interesting or awesome person. And that is why I came here because I know metal community is community who are like me. But I wanted to ask one question. Am I just ego person or Am i just stupid and young or Maybe someone has felt same thing like I do. Can you help me please?
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