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    im Canadian lol and the wheight
  2. ik hella more sludgy bands with clean vocals but they are diffrent but have aklot of simaklarites if u wnat the list jlmk ik acouple doom band like that too candlemass and probaly acid bath but acid bath also growls some songs
  3. i agree anthrax is super looked over or down on for not any good reason other than that public enemy shit
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    im home even a rugby page yall must be not from north America eh
  5. hi metalhead and musician kinda a jack of all insturments master of none lolthrash and sludge prob fave genres, it all started with master of puets then got number of beast for my 9th birthday and thats where it all began and the magic of metal was introduced into my life
  6. I JUST MADE MY FIRST POST ABOUT A SIMALAR SITUAITOIN OPPS IM IN CAPs but a guy ik loves priest and didnt know rob was gay and was dissing our one coworker mostly because he was gay but im like man u know halford was and hes like no then my one coworker sick dude old metal head like 60s was like yea and backed him up he shut up instatly hopefully we changed his prospective or now he hates priest but metal is mainly akways been inclusive acept for those extremist but that is gonna happen with any following like look at religoins oh shit idk if i replied or just wrote that im drunker then when i was like 13 whitch means idk how much beer i drank but the boys were feeding whiskey to me like it was oxygen
  7. i live and breath metal since i was in the womb but the white supremacist and homophobes make us loom bad was talking to a guy at work who love priest but was talking shit about thid gay guy ar work and i told him rob was openly gay he was schocked lmaoo like how u say they ur fav and talking smack idrc just thaught it was ironic
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