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  1. Rare chime in here, doom/sludge in its many variants is probably my favorite overall genre. Unfortunately, I found all of the Rob Lowe Candlemass albums had moment of euphoria but inconsistent C+ disappointing affairs and pretty boring/uninvolving. From memory, King of the Grey Islands is probably the best of the lot.
  2. Just tossed in my wishlist.
  3. So now the quality shit comes out. Thanks for posting fellas.
  4. Hey! Somewhat year round depending on how cold a winter we get. Last year MId Atlantic was really warm overall. But it will slow down when daylight savings changes because a lot of the paddling I do is after work when we have daylight until 7 PM. November thru February it scales back. That and I just haven't been buying any new music and much of my 'net interaction revolves around the search for new music. I've sort of checked out this year. List season will prolly perk my interest in some new metal. That said, I haven't lost my taste for metal, more so the hunt for new material.
  5. Congratulations and we'll deserved! A couple of fitted blazers, chinos and slick FU shoes and you'll bomber. How many times have you heard, "yeah I liked metal for a minute when I was 16, but I grew out of it"
  6. Man, I love the 777-Sects trilogy! Really one of my favorite collections of all time.
  7. Touchy, touchy boys, I was making an observation. When a lot of you reach for your favorite DM it's from the 80's and 90's. And as I said, I like it too. I love me some OSDM. Am I young? Hmmmm. Well, DOB: 1965-HAHA.
  8. Holy shit, I just glanced at this page and you fokers listen to a lot of old ass music. That's OK, so do I. But with a few exceptions, this page on this thread would be a good time capsule for 90's death metal-you old farts.
  9. I've got a couple or Russian Circles albums. I'm not a huge fan of instrumetal, but I can do Pelican and an occasional spin of one off instru-stoners Karma to Burn's 2011 album Almost Heathen. A few others here and there. RC are good at what they do. This one was arguably a little heavier and beefier...almost pissed off.
  10. Credit where credit is due-that's a good album.
  11. markm

    Slipknot ??

    This thread is funny. I have never listened to Slipknot. Early in my teaching career, my class was in a community center. This would have been way back in 2002-2003 and there was this one young dude who was the manager who used to talk about Slipknot and I think he played some of their music on the sound system at some point. A lot of high school kids who claimed to be into metal were into them. I remember the timeframe because I recall listening to HOF/Surrounded by Thieves and Damage Done and Oceanic and the Mantle and the Revered Bizarre and Pure Rock Fury-definitely in my early stoner phase before extreme metal pierced my bubble but having a vague recollection that Slipknot had the same appeal to me as a slightly more screamo Creed. And also, Lamb of God and As I Lay Dying and Avenged Sevenfold -none of which I ever bothered with LOL.
  12. Yep, paddling a ton now and teaching my daughter and her friends. Speaking of apocalypse we got nailed with a F1 tornado in my neighborhood which took a line of massive trees out in my yard. Luckily the house was mostly spared and homeowners insurance will cover the damage.
  13. Good to see you posting, Navy. I check in here very randomly since my 2022 EOTY extravaganza burn out. Outdoor extracurriculars and working more than I prefer have dominated my time lately. Been wondering how you were doing down in the sunshine state. Man, this life thing is a marathon....if we're lucky haha.
  14. I look forward to listening. Saved in my Bandcamp. Cheers!
  15. I'm going to check this one out. Sounds interesting.
  16. Here's what I've been listening to lately including on some road trips: Carnage/Dark Reflections Neurosis/Through Silver and Blood-a top 5 AOAT for me Amon Amarth/With Oden on our Side Darktrhone/Astral Fortress Mirrors/Pupil Slicer Blut Aus Nord/Disharmonium The Viagra Boys/Welfare Jazz Neurosis/Enemy of the Sun Waste of Space Orchestra/Syntheosis Skumstrike/Deadly Intrusions Cult of Luna/The Long Road North Ancients/Voice of the Void Gates of Slumber/Hymns of Blood and Thunder Gates of Slumber/Wretch Dream Unending/Tide Turns Eternal Wayfarer/Romance with Violence Tristania/Widows Weeds
  17. I like a fair amount of stuff that gets some kind of post (fill in the blank) and much less of what gets called gaze as in blackgaze, but I don't have a clue what Krautrock is. No doubt I own some krautrock and have no idea.....
  18. I've owned Overnight Sensation for a long ass time and it's a good record in my book.
  19. I mean if we open the discussion to alt metal, it just gets too broad. Most of us could admit to listening to crap that is some version of Nu Metal or alt mainstream hard rock/metal....I used to (and sometimes still do) enjoy RAGTM, Deftones, NIN, Marilyn Manson (ouch), SOAD, Tool, Jane's Addiction, White Zombie, QOTSA and I'm sure a few others that don't come immediately to mind. Sometimes mainstream media even lumps in stoner bands with alternative and then really all bets are off. For that matter, grunge is really a kind of alternative hard rock and I love me some Soundgarden and AIC.
  20. Well, damn at nearly 58, you late 30-40 somethings are some miserable old haggardly sons of bitches! JK of course. Something about mid to late 50's has given me a give no fucks upswing in mood. like at this point, who gives a shit? I'm reasonably healthy. My dick still gets hard. Give me some good tunes, put me on the river. Give me a nice cold one. The older guy with the secret of the hangman, the smile on his lips-one of my favorite metal quotes.
  21. Nobody can say you are not well sourced!
  22. Plus guys of our vintage are around the same age as the first guys that played extreme metal in the late 80's/early 90's.
  23. At, gulp 57, almost 58, the way you look at age changes quite a bit. I remember feeling old when i was like, 28 and then ten years later approaching 40 and then 40-that's it, you're middle aged. Now, I look at guys I know who turn 40 as just out of their 30's and not old at all-haha. 37 is a great age and you're still pretty young.
  24. I agree, they provide just the right amount of atmosphere without being overdone.
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