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  1. You're into Atomic Bitchwax more than I realized. I've got their self titled album, II and III. Good stuff. Now Playing-Neurosis/Enemy of the Sun-the hidden gem in their discog.
  2. I'll have to check this one out. I used to dig on the first couple of Atomic Bitchwax back when Dave Wyndorf's axe man played for them, think he founded that band, but haven't listened to any of their newer stuff. Bad Religion/Against the Grain.
  3. Been wallowing in the sonic world these two albums create driving to and from work: Neurosis/A Sun that Never Sets CUL/VERTIKAL
  4. Victim of Changes rates as one of my favorite tracks of all time-top 10 contender for sure.
  5. Been on a bit of a post metal binge lately comparing apples and oranges. Neurosis-Times of Grace-continual repeat CUL-The Beyond repeat Richard Strauss' stone poems (Don Juan, Don Quixote and other famous pieces) En Queue-Neurosis-A Sun that Never Sets
  6. My thoughts today in no particular order: Neurosis Judas Priest Enslaved The collective works of Martin van Drunen The collective works Aaron Turner
  7. Neurosis/Times of Grace CUL/The Beyond
  8. Isis/Panopticon Isis/Oceanic Isis/In the Absence of Truth CUL/Salvation There is a theme
  9. Haven't heard they'd dropped a new one, but they dropped The Sciences in 2018 without any warning. I thought it was pretty good. Garnered a lot of hype during list season.
  10. I have to credit albums like Oceanic, Panopticon, Through Silver and Blood, Salvation and The Beyond for renewing my interest in heavy music in the early aughts.
  11. Been holed up in my ride most of this week to Aaron Turner 's collectives art wank post sludge ib extended repeat Old Man Gloom / Ape of God (2914) -my entry into OMG-This one (actually two albums) didn't click when it came out -the noise parts were just annoying and self-indulgent. "get to the point"! Play some metal and spare me the crackling feedback. They still are annoying to some extent, but the noise parts don't annoy me so much. It's aged well for me Old Man Doom/Light of Meaning (2020) Old Man Gloom-Darkness of Being (2020) -one of the more interesting metal/post hardcore adjacent albums for me last year Sumac/May You Be Held-this album is the shit-nearly formless, shape-shifting and unknowable but it rules Zeppelin/IV-This one isn't too bad, either
  12. I remember you liked Dvorak, but I didn't realize he was your favorite composer. Such a versatile guy. Most people probably associate him with his symphonies especially New World which is, of course, great, but he did a little bit of everything and always with that ethnic Slovak/Czech flare. His music is so distinctive.
  13. So many great things to listen to on this thread...slipping through my fingers
  14. Old Man Gloom/Ape of God pts 1 and 2 and a bunch of Dvorak chamber music.
  15. You know I luv me an epic Whitenoise Goatfurmaster post. One of the best and worst thing about my WW excursions (that's whitewater not whitenoise people) is the 6-7 hour drive. I hate it because, 6 hours on the road kinda sucks, but it gives me 6 hours of metal listening without interruptions. Topic 1-Pumpkin ale, beer and whatnot-sorta nasty but for some odd reason, I usually grab a 6 once during the season Topic 2-I too have about an acre. There are so many leaves, I pretty much have to remove them or it would be nothing but leaves in the yard. Topic 3-cold weather camping-I'm a miserable bastard in the cold. Back when I started kayaking and camping for trips, I bought a a boojie North Face Cat's Meow sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees (F) and true to form I wasn't cold at all last weekend-only in the 40's. https://www.rei.com/product/128365/the-north-face-cats-meow-22-sleeping-bag Topic 4-my new Ferrari boat has little maintenance-it's a high performance WW kayak-about $1400 new which is pricy enough and I grabbed it for about a grand....the only engine required is the human variety powered by arms and paddle and maintenance might involve some outfitting, moving the seat, a minor upgrade like a more aggressive thigh brace or something. But it's basically about beating the shit out of plastic in pushy water, having fun and trying to not get a beat down in a hole or getting flipped in a rapid with gnarly consequences. I'm fairly risk averse, so I'm pretty cautious when it comes to doing things that might land me in the hospital or generally getting the snot kicked out of me.
  16. Yeah fall is one of the nicest times of year except for the fucking leaves in my yard. I spent one night camping in Ohiopyle State Park. Forty something degrees is doable but that's about as cold It as I can deal with. Bought a new boat that's like a Ferrari in the water and having fun with it.
  17. Autopsy/Mental Funeral At the Gates/Slaughter of the Soul-trot this album every once in a while and it always kills
  18. Long road trip to paddle the lower Yough in PA. Been spending more time getting through Paysage d’Hiver – Im Wald . Like a cross between depressive droning Xasthur BM with weird carny Actrurus synths, this beast of an album continues to intrigue me but damn it's long. I can only handle small chunks but do like this one. Only solution to throw it on a thumb drive while driving preferably when it's dark or during winter. Guess I'll settle for the dark. Amebix/Monolith-big fan of this one Atheist/Piece of Time Theist/Elements Autopsy-Severed Survival
  19. You will always be Whienoise to me-iconic handle.
  20. Atheist-Unquestionable Presence
  21. Hails Jazz, friendly group here. Talk music. Put your feet up and relax. Cheers!
  22. Oceans of Grief/Nightfall's Lament Palace of Worms/The Ladder Paysage d'Hiver/Im Wald Judas Priest/The Collection-A Hero, Hero versions from Castle -Hero, Hero was an early compilation of the first two Judas Priest Albums-Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings of Destiny, released in 1980 and purchased by me in high school. The music was magical to me circa 1982 and was years before I realized that the majority of great songs were from Sad Wings of Destiny....and years later read that metal superstars like Dave Mustaine and Mikael Åkerfeldt consider it one of the best heavy metal albums and finally realized-oh yeah, I have most of those songs. Pound for pound, I'd have to rate Judas Priest as my favorite traditional HM band and yet their discography is somewhat maddening. I'm sure I listened to Defenders of the Faith more than any other album when I was in high school. Screaming for Vengeance is up there too-their best mega stadium albums and yet the albums are riddled with inconsistent songs-like the Rolling Stones of metal-iconic, cliched, oft copied with some great albums but inconsistent albums-the brilliance and the mundane. Listening to Defenders of the Faith and Screaming for Vengeance, I note that interestingly both alums begin with 4 songs of metal genius-euphotic music and then drop duds like Love Bites, Pain and Pleasure and Eat Me Alive. A lot of those 80's metal albums are like that-great overdriven songs and then filler. All these decades later, it's their earlier albums that bring me back-SWOD, Stained Class and and British Steel.
  23. Judas Priest-Stained Class in support for Sad Wings of Destiny being one of the most important metal albums of all time.... https://www.allmusic.com/album/sad-wings-of-destiny-mw0000201463
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