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  1. I keep wondering if you have any resemblance to any of the characters or a similar dialect.
  2. Yeah, their first album should have been Too Fast For Love, never owned that one, but have heard it over the years-a nice rougher production and more of a punk edge at least in attitude. I can see why you liked that one. Number 2-Shout at the Devil is probably my favorite "hair metal" or whatever we're calling this basically slick hard rock style of the early 80's. It's metal to me. After that was Girls, Girls, Girls which now that I listen to it, is front loaded and not as strong as I remembered. I had that one and I also had Dr. Feelgood which all things considered after Shout their strongest effort for a super slick pop metal album. I haven't heard the other ones and I think they went into more pop directions-with miserable tracks like Home Sweet Home and they did rock and roll covers which I never liked except for Helter Skelter. But their versions of Smokin' in the Boys Room and Jailhouse Rock were filler. Yeah, I've slowly picked up classic rock, hard rock, 80's stuff, etc. that I hade on vinyl in the day or CDs that have been lost, eaten or otherwise destroyed to add to a sort of Mark digital essentials library that I generally listen as a huge playlist of everything that's not extreme metal.....from Mood Blues to Motley Crue if you will.
  3. Speaking of excessive melody, I've been picking up a bunch of stuff I grew up with...Kiss, Queen, Scorpions, Ramones, Motorhead and glam-Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, Ratt.... In honor of misspent days gone by, and a 22 remastering....decided to grab a couple of old Crue albums I used to enjoy... Motley Crue/Girls, Girls, Girls Motley Crue/Dr. Feelgood Cringe if you must!
  4. And the thing is Maher considers himself a liberal progressive but as he says he calls out "his own tribe" when they are being stupid. I like that. Whatever your political slant, I totally support critically looking at some of the attitudes within your side of the isle as they say that are dysfunctional, counterproductive, etc. There's a lot of idiocy on the edges of both liberal and conservatism it's just that on the right it's off the charts when you factor anti democratic demagoguery autocratic leaning views.
  5. I watch Bill Maher a lot and one of his rants as a guy in his 60's now is the difference between free speech older generations the new crop of kids permanently glued to their phones and social media and even older than "kids" entitled Millennials ...here's a pretty funny recent one.... https://deadline.com/2022/06/bill-maher-real-time-blasts-washington-post-twitte-wars-1235048163/
  6. Thanks for the cat intel to you and F.A. She's starting to warm up to me a bit now. Cat behavior-even all the shit they do with their eyes-pupils dilating, and eyelid changes are fascinating.
  7. I understand waiting on a dog. To do it right, they really need the time I don't have right now to devote. But it's so rewarding when you can spend the time and train, etc. Luna is estimated at 18 months and only 7 pounds. She's underweight. Taking her to her first wellness check soon. My wife says she's eating about 1/3 cup a day of food.
  8. Viagra Boys/Welfare Jazz Pat Matheny/From This Place
  9. I've bought a bunch of new albums from legacy bands this year. Today listening to a massive playlist Sonos Queue....1006 tracks....every song I own on every albums from: Motorhead Scorpions Ramones Queen Cult Social Distortion Kiss The Clash Misfits Accept
  10. Departe/Failure Subside (2016)-rather interesting mix of post black, drone, sludge and a general backwash of melancholic dissonance that always takes me two listens to wrap my head around. Scorpions/Blackout Scorpions/Virgin Killer Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli/Debussy Preludes Images Children's Corner Kvelertak/Nattesferd
  11. Thank YOU. Finney was the dog love of my wife's life. She called him, "my little man" and they were inseparable. A couple of weeks before she "got there", she visited her brother while I stayed home taught kayaking and watched over Finney at night. I came home and had been unable to hold himself in a little pen we finally kept him in the house. He pooped all over it, he was covered in feces. The stains in the little pen were such that I threw it away and I was less than pleasant with her on the phone. I pleaded with her, "we both work, we can't care for him the way he needs". I didn't want to ever be put in that kind of situation again. He basically needed a homebound caregiver. I mean, she told me to take a breath and calm down and then shortly after she returned she looked at me and started to cry and said, "Mark it's time. I'm ready". She made an appointment and we ended his life. Weird, when we drove to the vet he became unusually agitated and I started to think, maybe that 6th sense knew what we were going to do. Shit, I almost changed my mind. Like, could he possibly know??? But we followed through. It was the best thing in the end and neither of us have regrets now. It took her a long time to get to the place where she came to her own conclusion, that it wasn't OK to keep him alive for her attachment. In the end we both realized we gave him a great life, he lived crazy long for a dog-17 years and some change-that's sick! And he enriched our lives for many years with the tenacity and enthusiasm that only terriers have! Norwich's, the smallest of the proper terriers, served in WWII and in the show ring it's stated that honorable scars shall not be considered a fault when evaluating a dog. They're fiercely independent and, while affectionate and comical, can never be truly "owned". They're little bad asses. Of course, it was sad, but it was a mercy as it had been a few years since he would play, run and play and simply be a dog. I remember shortly before George Burns died, he said something like, "well, it's about time for me to trade my body in for a new one". I hope I have that clarity when I get there. Like my Unitarian Mom always tells me, "death is just part of life".
  12. So sorry to read your post. We recently put down our Norwich Terrier, Finney, who was with us for over 17 years. He was blind, deaf and his body slowly failed him. It's such a hard decision when to end your pets' lives. A few points we considered....I remember a vet telling us when the bad days outnumber the good, it might be time. Another consideration for my wife and I is if we felt we were keeping a pet alive for own emotional needs, that wouldn't be fair. There's never a good time , but I do think there's something said to let "your best friend" pass in dignity and hopefully not in an emergency/crisis situation in extreme pain or trauma. None of us want to go that way. It's truly one of the most difficult painful things anyone can face. When to say it's time is a choice only you can make. it's a bitch.
  13. I love a good cold beer or two-mostly pale ales and IPAs. After exertion and when it's not, nothing beats a cold one in my book. I like it with food, especially spicy food. Of course, I like me some bourbon as well but it's a totally different experience as it brings heat.
  14. Or who care....like does anyone really care in this day and age that isn't dragging their knuckles if some dude in a band is gay? Like seriously, who gives a shit? Especially if Rob freaking Halford, a 70 year old guy in literally (one of) the most well known metal bands of all time who came out of the closet nearly 25 years ago. WTF? Speaking as a big fan myself.
  15. Temple of Void/Summoning The Slayer-on recommendation from GG-yes, this is totally soliddeath/doom IMO. Kardashev/Liminal Rite-Deathgaze or something....not feeling this at all, really. Kreator/Hate Über Alles-Not feeling this one either.
  16. Continuing my trend of something hateful with something beautiful: Funeral Mist/Deiform Puccini/Madama Butterfly-That's opera bitches, the last of of count'em 15-20 classic operas I invested in...that I've put off listening to...Now, TG, That Sophisticated Metal Guy may be the only poster that appreciates Puccini, but there you go. Fuck me, I just spilled Pappy Van Winkle on my smoking jacket
  17. The Crue have remastered their first 5 albums releasing the last ones in July. I've got Shout at the Devil on disc. I've pre ordered Girls, Girls, Girls and Doctor Feelgood which I enjoyed in a younger man's Doc Martens.
  18. I really like the new Cave In also. I have an older album of theirs, Perfect Pitch Black, which I never go back to. When the reviews came out as strong as they were, I listened and thought, not bad but too long. Went back and the songwriting is too damn good to pass on and yes there is a good mix of styles including very strong guitar work. Also the hardcore influence is one place we share some commonality. I also enjoy some crust and metallic hardcore like Trap Them as well as Haunted that you mentioned in a subsequent post.
  19. OK, I will listen. Doom and death metal generally go well for me like chocolate and peanut butter. Actually doom/death and all their variants are among my favorite of death metals.
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