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  1. For me most early US thrash metal (not just Bay Area stuff) simply lacks a lot of aggression and sounds much more clean and polished when compared to the early German bands. I prefer the harder, more aggressive, influenced by Venom and hardcore punk kind of sound that those guys had. It's as simple as that. Testament and Anthrax and other bands like that don't mean anything to me these days, but I could listen to Bonded by Blood by Exodus or Power and Pain by Whiplash every damn day and never get bored with them. Excellent albums, both of them. Raw power and aggression and no bullshit. That's
  2. It's my least favorite Celtic Frost album too. However I still think that it is not exactly a bad 80's hard rock album. Far from it actually. Much worse shit than Cold Lake got released back then. It just should have never been released as a Celtic Frost album. Under a different band name no one would be talking about it being "an abomination" (like Tom calls it) these days. It would be just another OK hard rock/hair metal album for people who are into that kind of stuff. Not my fave genre, that one... Despite of what I just wrote I have never fucking ever been as disappointed by any album
  3. Third Jewel Throne single of 2020 is here, like it or not. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2OPgdOKH5b2vwbdMcpnrjW?si=AEgAek-OSGaXfZQpZXEM2g Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here´s the new Jewel Throne single. We´re still stuck somewhere between early thra
  4. Hi, I'm an old fart from Finland. I've been into music in general and metal in particular since 1666. Or several decades anyway. I have also been playing in all sorts of metal bands for a few decades too - some good, some bad, some totally awful, but then nothing is ever perfect anyway. Played a few hundred gigs, done a huge pile of demos and a few kinda OK albums and all that usual crap so I guess I have some kind of an idea how that kind of thing works. To be honest it can sometimes (most of the time) be a huge pain in the ass actually, but it's also a lifestyle and I just can't imagine
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