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  1. I third Cirith Ungol, I love their music and they have amazing artwork, too bad their vocalist is bad
  2. Mekong Delta - The Hut of Baba Yaga
  3. Got up at the crack of dawn as usual and felt like crap. Had the misses come and get me from work, stomach aches,fever,etc... lucky me my manager is going to handle my accounts today and tomorrow if I still feel sick. Took a nap, still feel rough. Got to feel better my lol head banger turn 2 tomorrow. Uhhhhhh I need to be playing music with a DAMN band!!!
  4. Witchfinder General - Love on Smack
  5. Morbid Saint is a given, have not listen to Hellwitch, going to try them. Than you for recognizing Darkane's first 3 albums. Deceased are also good, only herd a few songs from them but what I herd I loved. okay just started Hellwitch - Nosferatu and holy shit!!! Those riffs are insane, why didn't you guys tell me about this earlier? ha ha ha
  6. I would say that they are BM but not really first wave, they have a fair amount of gothic over tones too them. Going to have to give them a listen again
  7. welcome aboard, hope you find what you seek
  8. there are some really good power violence bands out there, here are some I recommend; I also recommend this blog http://cutnpasteyoface.blogspot.com/ they have a bunch of powerviolence albums, eps for free.
  9. ahhhh okay I see now. yeah I read a book about Nick Cave and he talks a lot about growing up and there almost no music scene there in his youth and how spread out a lot of the town were.
  10. I can understand, but I actually like his vocals, they are not too bad. Yet there are some bands where I love the music but hate the vocalists.
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