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  1. Haness Grossmann - Apophenia
  2. they're pretty great. i can hear anything music start from grindcore,technical death metal, even little bit ambient music. also i read their archives that ne obliviscaris drummer (sorry i forgot the name) had played for this band too. NP. : Tigerclaw - Forces of Destiny
  3. A million Dead Birds Laughing - To The Ether
  4. so when i first listen to metal i think i was 13-14 years old i always think why i must listen outside of metal music because on metal we can heard anything musical influence's start from blues,classical,jazz,punk,hardcore,etc. but 7-8 years later i am realized i need back roots of metal music. cause you know if there's not classical or blues or proto rock music. there will not be metal sub-genre even will not exists. so i decided to learn all kind of music which related with Metal music improvement yeah not only blues,classical also some ambient music,jazz (which later inspired Technical death metal, avant-garde/experimental metal band) ,hardcore,punk,folk music and even some pop song i've listen to and i try to learn some electronic music too
  5. yes even Insomnium already working on their new album since august 2018. i've put big expectation if they're new album will released this year. yes both saor and rotting released 15 feb. i don't know is this true or not. but fenriz said on his facebook fanpage next darkthrone album will be primitive and raw black metal sounding again
  6. Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder
  7. Bestial Invasion - Contra Omnes
  8. Secreta Obscura Mysterium by Lunatic Affliction