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  1. There's a black metal band from the Nidrosian scene called Mare that has a vocalist who does some singing. Quite artfully done, I might add. Mare - "Flaming Black Zenith" Vocals start around 1:40. Really good stuff. The Nidrosian scene is interesting in that you can get some really crazy kvlt lo-fi shit, then some really polished darkness like Mare.
  2. The next two are pretty cool, just as original as Welowie, but Welowie has the better song writing. Pusty Wieczor can be really strange, synths drowing out the guitars. Very original sound, the synths are so loud and then vanish, can be very odd but cool. Krew Naszych Ojcow has a lot of weird ambient things and sound effects going on as well. But yeah, Welowie is the one you fall in love with.
  3. Satanic Warmaster Katharsis (Germany) Vlad Tepes Forgotten Woods Gontyna Kry
  4. Branikald - Stormheit. Russian Burzum-worship by Kaldrad (RIP). Excellent stuff, not unlike Forest, works perfectly with the freezing weather. To me sounds colder than Burzum. Certainly dirtier. BlazeBirth Hall rules.
  5. I feel OP pegged most of the worst genres, and Garrador slaughtered another like a ripe hog. I may piss some people off here, but I would like to add a few more. Blackgaze - Fuck off, hipsters, stay away from black metal. Even your tastes in indie rock are actually just rehashed post-punk from the 80s that you think are new and amazing. Die burning and screaming in liquid boiling shit. Blackgaze is what was left of black metal after people who only liked metal ironically turned bm into an easily-consumed dildo and shoved it in their collective rectum, merely for the kitsch-value, of course. Let's hope they all croak and shart as they die. Post-metal - What a fucking boring jack off fest. Your largely riffless stews of meandering turd are utterly worthless. No one cares about your fucking dumb sound textures, you're not fucking Xenakis. Fuck off bespectacled dickheads, metal will not end until mankind ends in an infernal cataclysmic destruction; there is nothing after metal. Deathcore - This genre made breakdowns even more stupid than plain old metalcore breakdowns, forever tainting the term (which one can find a classic example of say, in Morbid Angel's "Suffocation"). Deathcore is a wigger pit thug butthole fest, whenever I have to endure these dumb losers opening for a band I cringe and wish I didn't fear life in prison.
  6. You ever check out the Death demos? There's a bootleg comp floating around. The version of "Evil Dead" off Death by Metal is fucking awesome, with Kam Lee on vocals. There's a moment after the second chorus when Lee screams "THRASH WITH ME!" Good stuff...
  7. I would say Slayer. I would also boot Megadeth out of the Big Four and insert Testament in their stead. If Exodus didn't lose their greatness after Bonded by Blood I'd boot Anthrax out, too...
  8. Katharsis - VVorld Without End. Album is utterly schizoid and infernal. Nonstop Satanic racket. I also enjoy the production. Title track slays. Opening track is like a gate to Hell bursting open in front of you and you get bukkaked hard by the worst cacodemons imaginable. Sanguine Relic - Vampyric Will. Okay, so they're USBM try-hards doing the lo-fi thing to the nth degree. And yet I enjoy the kind of fuzzy muffled butthole sound...
  9. Morbid Angel (first four), Ripping Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Cadaver. Death (entire discography, but Scream Bloody Gore the most) and Possessed (Seven Churches)...
  10. Witchfinder General, Diamond Head, Satan and Iron fucking Maiden. Witchfinder General gets extra points for having hilarious tracks championing alcohol and drug usage and having babes with beautiful tits on their album covers. Some say God, some say faith I say sex, drugs, rock and beer My beeee-UH (ee-uh ee-uh ee-uh) So awesome...
  11. From their black metal-ish period, Obsessed by Cruelty, Proselytism Real, Equinox, Outbreak of Evil... Deathlike Silence. From the more straight-up thrash period, my favorite is Ausgebombt which has a really cool kind of anti-war vibe to it without being for pussies; very beery dude attitude happening there. Nuclear Winter. Agent Orange. Sodomy and Lust. Remember the Fallen. Incest!
  12. I like that Deicide has a few songs about cults/cult leaders, ("Lunatic of God's Creation", "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned"). This instance of postmodern cross-pollination interests me because of the similarity of the weird cults of the Sixties and Seventies and the groupthink, hazing and idol worship found in certain circles of underground metal (Norwegian black metal scene around Helvete record shop first comes to mind).
  13. When I was a youngfag I got into Metallica and Anthrax and crap. I listened to Black Sabbath and Motorhead, as well. But I truly succumbed to the more "extreme" or underground metal when I picked up two used albums-- Napalm Death's Harmony Corruption and Sepultura's Beneath the Remains. I was around fifteen, and I still love both of those albums to this day. After that I got into grindcore, death metal and non-American thrash bands like Kreator and Sodom. Then came black metal. Nowadays, I love all kinds of stuff. Crazy overproduced technical death metal shit, grueling funeral doom, but I also never neglect the classics: Venom, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bathory...
  14. Yeah, Noisear are a fucking awesome grind band, fucking awesome riffs and a lot of fun stuff going on. Like Insect Warfare but quirkier and with riffs that could be in Ripping Corpse songs!