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  1. I will check out those websites. Thank you Father! What do you like about Cubase? A DJ friend of mine who is also a huge black metal fan suggested it as well as ProTools. I looked it over briefly but was drawn a little more to Reaper.
  2. I'm going to record some black metal style layered dark ambient scary somewhat melodic but with an ominous mood to it. I don't know how much I cant devote myself to it at the moment as I have a 1 year old. I mainly came here to see what DAW most metal musicians are using. My next question would be what are some good guitar rig plug-ins out there. I have a shitty fender practice amp and do not intend on using it to record the guitars.
  3. Good day to everyone! I decided to join metalforum.com to answer a wide variety of questions I have about recording music in my home. I have found the DAW named Reaper from this website and am stoked and excited to begin this journey. So, I extend much thanks to many of you here prematurely as I know I will feel a great sense of hospitality. Sincerely, Hellsludge