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  1. 7 or 8 years ago, I could consider myself as a pro wrestling fan. In time, my passion for pro wrestling decreased, I stopped following other wrestling companies like TNA or ROH but my hobby to watch WWE remained the same. I still watch WWE shows and I became a fan of Drew McIntyre recently.
  2. They are quite different bands actually in their musical style actually I think. I can understand the comparisons since Dave Mustaine kicked out from Metallica and their feud was an attractive one. Yet, although they are all thrash bands in the beginning, they had different roads in the end and Megadeth is kind of a solo project of Dave Mustaine while in Metallica, except bass guitarists, the members are the same. I listened Megadeth more than Metallica since I prefer their musical style over Metallica, I think Mustaine is a genius but that doesn't mean I hate Metallica, I started to listen metal music with Metallica. Turn the Page still has a different place in my heart since it was the first song I listened in metal music. I think both bands have great stuff and we are lucky to have those such great bands. I think metal gods are happy to have both!
  3. Have a nice day everyone and hello all. I have been thinking recently to join a metal forum and I finally decided to create my account herein. Maybe it's kind of a cliche but I started to listen metal music with Metallica with Turn the Page and I continued to listen the genre with other thrash metal bands like Megadeth and Slayer and later, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Opeth, Iced Earth etc. Although I heard a lot of bands, I'm kinda of a guy who attached some bands very heavily and listen only their songs. Yet, I'm always pleased to learn another bands and open the suggestions as well. I hope I can discover new bands and meet metalheads herein.