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  1. I remember if you wanted a t-shirt, a flag, a band patch, any kind of decent merch, you had to get one of those crappy little black and white paper catalogs and order via mail and hope your shit arrived within 2 months.
  2. Welcome!! The people around here are all pretty cool.
  3. Glad to hear this whole college thing is going well, man
  4. 36, but staying out of the sun means I aged well. \m/
  5. http://loudwire.com/important-metal-bands-21st-century/ What do you guys think of their list? There's some bands here that I really don't think qualify for a top 50... Perhaps I underestimate their importance and contributions. Agalloch, White Chapel, Baby Metal... I don't know guys. They're influential sure, but MOST important of the last 17 years?? I have my doubts. There's also a number of bands that I could easily argue were the most important of the 20th century, not the 21st, Slayer, Maiden, etc.
  6. Indeed, it is the time of year for ghoulish sightings
  7. Yeah so I heard about this through Nate. His college shut down yesterday due to all the downed lines and power outages. Crazy! This Chinese Hoax is getting out of hand, man.
  8. Hi Tom, welcome! I find that the people around here are great for recommendations. I went to Bloodstock a few times, and loved it in spite of all the mud. Hope you enjoy it here.
  9. Happy Holidays everyone, and Happy Festivus (for the rest of us). May you all survive your families! ~<3 Ghouls
  10. Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos Going back to digging through my old collection. This album fucking slays so much!
  11. Just got back from a nice vacation in Sweden. I really miss it so much, and my heart is aching to be back there. The cold kicked my fuckin' ass though. I celebrated Lucia with an amazing family that welcomed me as one of their own and even performed a Luciatåg in costume, and sang for me to give me a taste of the culture and they made a Julbord for me (christmas table feast) and we all decorated the tree together. It was magical and wonderful and waugh! I miss it / them so much. They went all out to give me a really traditional Swedish Lucia and I'm feeling so special and loved. I also got to enjoy an epic viking feast at Aifur in Stockholm which was just... fucking amazing. Everyone is seated on longhall tables and benches covered in plush reindeer furs. Viking weaponry and art all over the walls, a longship suspended from the ceiling, everything lit by candles and lanterns, food eaten with simple iron smithed utensils and served on slabs of wood, live entertainers on drums, hurdy gurdy, etc. The mead flowed, the fucking food... holy shit it was phenomenal... the mead was great too. God damnit you guys. Other highlights of the trip was partying at these three Icelandic brothers' house, ton of people there, all cool as fuck and Swedes know how to party (once they're drinking and there are no more awkward silences that Swedes are so well known for). Also had an epic tabletop gaming night with like 8 of my friends and of course the usual walking / exploring / sightseeing / shopping / dining. And fika. So, so, so, so much fika. BLECH. I don't know how they can eat cake every day, it's just too much. But I definitely appreciated the coffee and I was polite enough to taste the various cakes, one of which is this magical fucking unicorn of a cake called Budapeststubbe and I had two bites and pretty much died. That fucking good. I left my heart back in frost-covered, sparkly, icy Sweden. I miss it so much already.
  12. I sadly didn't get a chance to climb the coathanger though it was on my list of things I wanted to do. I am definitely returning though, so I can always give it another go.
  13. *reading the news about the latest shooting in california* What goes through my mind? "Please not a Muslim. Please don't be Muslim!"
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