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    Songwriter, composer for 25 years ,
    My instrument is guitar, I love metal, its my life.
    My style of writing is Powerful, melodic, haunting, acoustic, ballads, insane, unpredictable, clean metal
    I have a home recording studio where I record some solid music, a great drummer and bass player that enhance it
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    United States
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    music , music, and music

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  1. One thing is for sure while independent artist have the freedom to create what they want and controll there slow pace future, posting on social media playing gigs sharing there work with family and friends and so forth how ever a reputable record label in one phone call can promote your band in almost every country every radio station, magazine etc than you would be able to accomplish on your own in years.. But the down fall of that is Independence = 100 % owner ship amongst your band mates Record label= you'll be lucky if you own 30 % of your current music and all music you create while under contract.. Yet Overall , 30% of big sales is alot 100 % of little to no sales is not So you don't need a record label per say but if one were interested in you, you should hire a top attorney before signing anything..
  2. I sent you some songs to check out Also I can help you with your epic song
  3. How many layers of guitars are bands adding for thickness?
  4. Wow, interesting answers at first I thought some were joking, but after placing an order for a new accordion with naked girls painted on it and visiting my local prison for new bandmates, i realize im one bagpipe artist away from a great song.. Metal came along way!
  6. Hey thanks for sharing your music i love it all.. Also kick ass name Deadlift.. So your extreme voice is powerful Your clean voice is amazing I think we should do both. I'll send you some more music for you to choose from..
  7. Hey let me know , we have alot of material https://www.dropbox.com/s/tciqphdtqt3rr43/SOLDIER BASS DOWN.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwmjh5jgdgwiul7/I Give You My Word main.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oaceito2zwnctn5/NO MERCY-1.wav?dl=0
  8. Hey Johnathan, check out a couple of songs below, I have alot of material so while this may not be for you I have plenty more , take a listen and let me know if you like any of them https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsgpfkee35htjto/the-dark.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3id6lbgco5qpan/ADDICTION.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtm6cahy6dg5eg0/ABYSS ALL IN QUALITY.wav?dl=0
  9. Alfie


    They are a great heavy metal band , powerfully playing , awesome drummer, bass, guitars and singer.. Raw honest in your face music. There's real depth in there musical creations that warrant attention, there sounds are very original.. Love em
  10. Here are a couple of examples https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtm6cahy6dg5eg0/ABYSS ALL IN QUALITY.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsgpfkee35htjto/the-dark.wav?dl=0 I have so so so much more covering a wide variety of feels and emotions..
  11. Hi Yoi, Im looking for male and female singers. So me and my band Deepest End Have over 50 instrumental songs we wrote plus more always coming. We are looking for talented singers to be featured on them, depending on your taste and style I would let you choose songs that you really like to sing on. To start we looking for singers to have atleast 6 songs each with us , you sing over our music. Once the website launches and songs are released, you would have you own page dedicated to the songs your sang on , people can listen to a clip of what you do then if they like it they can download it. if we like what you do there will also be t shirts for sale with the band name , the title of the song, and you.. You'll be able to introduce yourself and market yourself and will be included in getting a cut of all sales related to the songs you've done and all merchandise that are sold with your name on it.. Tell me , what kind of metal do you like to sing over, example, heavy, melodic heavy, Acoustic, extreme heavy, sad , music, aggressive whats your ultimate style you love to sing , let me know and I'll send you 3 songs to listen too that fits you taste.. Are you a singer, or a screamer? Thanks im looking forward from hearing from you..
  12. Regardless of age , most everyone has an ear for what a good song really is.. No body wants to hear recycled metal played over and over never adapting and becoming new and staying relevant with the times, so people kids and all want to hear Catchy music that vibes is packed with real emotion and a singer that can pull it all together.. I have a friend who has a kid that age like 9 yrs old and he loves metal music but not the screaming and crazy singing to much, they think heavy singing automatically means anger and since there young happy and full of joy its not an emotion they ready to embrace yet.. There are millions of guitars players writing songs yet very few are actually original and play current modern metal that pushes the boundaries of melodic music, they tend to sound like everyone else , non die hard fans get bored and move on.. Metal in the modern day should be just that MoDern, unique, powerful packed with emotions and be an honest take of ones self expression with out copy cating everyone else. I love metal cause I came from there, but I'm not impressed like I used to be.
  13. I think metal head musicians do not need a record label, they need to start to understand there are 2 parts to being a working musician, 1 creating great music 2 performing great music 3 selling great music Once we understand that our music is our business and operate in a way where we create then sell our music it would eliminate the need for record labels , which usually own 75 % or more of what you wrote , what you will write during the contract period.. no reason anyone should own your creations but you.. Social media home studios etc are the reason the big boy studios with there fancy platinum record on the walls are out of business, we once needed them to record a great song in there big studio, now we record at home with pretty good quality..eliminating the need for them I believe this is what s happening with record labels we are slowly not needing them anymore and the harder we work and market our selves through social media and all music platforms we will need them even less.. I'm starting my own brand musically and even if a label wanted in I would say no cause I'm not doing it for the quick money , it may take me more years but in the end I will have more value and own 100 % of my material..
  14. Thanks man I appreciate it!
  15. My name is Alfie, im from NY I am a music composer, producer , song writer, I am hear to meet new people and be apart of metalforum's great website that brings us all together to talk about what what we love most , Metal
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