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  1. halloween


    Most of us collect something, coins, stamps, old cars, something that we appreciate. What do you like to collect? I have been collecting concert shirts and keeping my ticket stubs from shows. I just went through my sock drawer and found all of my tickets from the 80's and 90's. Made me feel really old. I saw an interview with nergal recently where he talked about collecting old concert shirts and about buying them as works of art. That's one of the reasons why I've collected them my self. I still have the shirt that I bought at my first concert, rush's 1980 permanent waves tour. I have been collecting them ever since, for over 40 years. My collection is between 150-200 shirts. Yes they take up a lot of closet -space, but my wife is okay with it. Yes I still wear most of them,but the really old ones are put away in the garage. I still get a kick out of wearing an old shirt to a show and people always ask if it's real. when I tell them yes ,I always get a compliment. The secret to making them last so long is simple, NEVER put them in the dryer. Hang them up to air-dry and they'll last for decades.
  2. Just how many black-metal bands out there do you think are "true" to their satanic beliefs? How many of them just do it for the imagery ,and like slayer, did it for the money? The only 3 "successful" bands I believe are "true" to their beliefs are behemoth ,watain, and inquisition.
  3. I have been a lover of horror literature and movies my entire life. I prefer the older movies (universal,hammer,american intl.) ,but two of the best horror movies since the exorcist are " the witch and hereditary".I am also a huge fan of h.p. lovecraft. If you want an introduction to a different kind of horror literature, start with him.
  4. I like the original line-up,sad to hear about the legal bullshit. When "hospodi" came out, I listened to it, and I liked it. It's great music to listen to when you want to just relax and close your eyes. Now they have a new "ep" out called "raskol", and again, it's the kind of black-metal I listen to when I'm in pain and just need to close my eyes. I find it very relaxing.
  5. Every opeth album after WATERSHED. It's so bad, they wouldn't include the lyrics. A couple of cool songs, but everything since then is crap.
  6. I agree completely,every album after ghost reveries is crap. When that record, heritagewas done and they were touring, I got to see them before the record was released. I was amped up to hear the new material, and they didn't play a single song with their "death-metal" vocals. Even the old stuff was all "clean" vocals. Needless to say, I wasn't the only person who left that show pissed-off. I gave them my money for a ticket and a shirt and I had already ordered the record from amazon and when it showed up , I listened to it thinking "did they really do that"? Yup, they really sound like that now. It was the last opeth record I ever bought.
  7. halloween


    I'm a member in name only, I like their 7 tenents but I'm not an active member. Mostly just to piss-off my family,but I'm a hard-core atheist, always will be.
  8. In my humble opinion, if there is one band that meets the definition of "selling out", it would have to be opeth. I know that greater success means being able to do what you want, but how do you go from DELIVERANCE & BLACK WATER PARK to records like WATERSHED & HARVEST? The reason I bring them up is bacause mikael arkfeldt said he couldn't care less about pissing off their old fans, we'll just get new ones. Hard to due when your last 4 records have sucked! No more "death metal" vocals. Next time,tell us ahead of time so we don't waste our time and money on cd's and concert tickets.
  9. halloween


    I already know the answer to this question, but how many fellow members on this forum consider your selves to be "satanists"? Are there other members of TST here? Are you theist or non-theists? I'll bet the answer is a lot. Just wondering.
  10. With out a doubt my top 5 bands are behomoth, watain, inquisition, opeth, and septic flesh.
  11. What's the best triple bill you've seen live? for me, it was morbid angel, watain, (eric had to play bass because their guitarist was denied a visa) , and incantation, last december in seattle.
  12. World funeral era marduk is killer, love the guitar tone on "bleached bones & bloodletting". dark funeral's "my funeral" is one of my all time favorites.