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    I'm finishing my university, wishing to write and play music other then work on a regular job I wouldn't love
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    Music, video games, movies, sneakers

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    Music (different genres, mostly rock-related), video games, movies, sneakers, vaping

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  1. Hey! I'm great, hope you have a good time yourself! Well... I'm all around the place: Punk-Rock, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, something from Blues and even Rap for partying 😆 - pretty much everything with a good sense of taste, hahaha. Some bands that influenced me the most are: SOAD, MUSE, Green Day, Asking Alexandria, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine and Disturbed... Jesus, because of Mat Bellamy and Daron Malakian I've started to play guitar! Nowadays I'm mostly into metalcore/post-hardcore genres in writing and seeing bands live, but I won't ever miss good old Green Day touring Europe ne
  2. Hey, mates! I'm Vlad, from Moscow, Russia. 21 y.o. at the moment, finishing my university. Can't live without music. Want to form a band at some point, but struggling with finding right people locally. Since I supposed to say hi - here I am. Wish you all a great time!
  3. Hello there! Sorry for my English: it's not my first language, so I can make horrible for you, native speakers, mistakes. You've been warned! 😂 So, here's the deal: I'm a self-taught guitarist. I've been playing for something like 7 years by now, but... It was hit or miss to be fair... I'm good enough to play different songs by tabs, have a passable skill of understanding some songs by ear (but I wouldn't count on that if we are sincere), can follow the metronome, fell the beat, but my knowledge of music theory sucks. I can write in Guitar Pro, for example, making right timings between
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