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  1. Honey, I was born so poor my neighbors where hogs waiting to be slaughtered. I was raised taught to slaughter what I eat after I raised it. Kill what you have cared for and eat them takes balls. Ive had the Balls to earn three College degrees , one in Audio with six professional audio certs, and pay cash for an Olde Brick Church. I record Metal and Advertise that I do in the Tennessee Delta section of the Bible Belt. Heretics still get arrested for absolutely nothing and drummed out of town. People in town walk up and ask me If I worship Satan. I usually reply where is my Lamborghini. Smiling at them instead of crossness, and rebuking their rubbish smartly, takes balls. From where Ive come from, get to where I am and what I do takes more balls than most people will ever gather. I am the generation before you that endured and stood up to quite some amount of abuse for letting my metal hair, and the finger fly. Thanks to those like me , the hair and tattoos are now ok in many work places in America. Im not one of those with an office cubicle haircut feigning the fight for metal. I push that fight with a swagger and bold smile with usually a un-nerving educated kindness to the religious right that would make Metal go away. I push the boundary every day. Be careful in all endeavors bandwagon rallying behind anyone. If you listen to fools, the mob rules (Dio). Earning my list of credentials not being born rich took extreme balls. Cordially, may you do so well sticking to your guns in art. It will not be an easy road. May you face less resistance from the inside than the generations that made the path.
  2. Hi Jess What are you studying? Tell us about the live scene in your part of Ireland.
  3. Howdy!! I was digging in the yard today, and A letter came in from South Hampton way said Keep on workin.
  4. Good luck with Threshold Sicks and Slow Dragon Music. What region are you doing shows in?
  5. I just bought 60 cd bulk lot of hard rock and metal. Just so I can find some new to me music not via youtube or iheart radio. There is going to be some good some bad, and some ugly in here.
  6. That is a picture of me to the left. My face,my slight beer paunch, my general hairiness, in front of my building. With any luck it will be the same one I wake up with tomorrow, Ive rather gotten use to it. Its not going to get me in the movies, but its really me. I do wish Id painted that door before the picture.
  7. The 80s the Draft was over. Would you rather be Hank Williams Sr. or Slim Whitman in a Metal band
  8. Amstel light Water be careful fish fuck in that stuff
  9. Gamma Ray Land of the Free II I did like you going into a Independent record store for music discovery. Where one of the owner would know you bought Dio Motorhead and Iron Maiden last visit and would play a few wont hear it on the radio bands for you. If you liked Crimson Glory the singer was also in Saigon Kick. . Might want look for other singers taught by Al Koehn.
  10. Hey Joanna Would love to see some of the art. Yet Fbook is a spy some people unknowingly allow. I keep a test account I look every few months I will check it. It will point me to people I only talked to in person or on the land phone. I dont contact or email online. It is the Perverse eye of the Myan calender's end teacher of despair; Marc Zucherburg. So please just post some on the forum we can see without the "Electric Eye" Oh and hails and horns for using a real pic of you for your icon. Many of "brave, brutal men" on here shy from it. The nerve to be real is the essence of Metal at its beginnings. Thanks for keeping with that !
  11. The new stimuli of the boring people. I do the other all time. Besides I can liven even a dull party. Would you rather be Johny Weismuller or Johny Dep
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