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  1. I like a lot of the "Blackgaze" stuff, don't care how much it vilifies me but I like bands like Deafheaven, Bosse-De-Nage etc. My one view on it though is, despite containing the elements of Black Metal, its closer to Post Metal for me. I've been listening to Black Metal since I was at school, first thing I heard was A Blaze In The Northern Sky by Darkthrone and it blew my mind. I was, still am, a huge Death Metal fan but this stuff just harnessed a vicious raw energy that Death Metal didn't really deliver. May sound a bit far reaching for some but Black Metal was my Punk Rock. Early 90's never threw anything up as a radical as Black Metal. Obviously got a lot of time for all the stuff of that era, heck even Impaled Nazarene! Once it went a little mainstream and the symphonic stuff started to get everywhere I kinda walked away from the scene for a long time, missed out on a tremendous amount of great stuff I'm sure. Delved back in the last 5-6 years and reconnected with the old stuff, picked up a few bands I missed and a few new ones along the way. In terms of how, these days its anything epic and bleak. Discovering Weakling was a game changer. Early Burzum (As much as I loathe Vargs view on the world, despite a while struggling with it, I've managed to separate the mans twisted politics from the music ) is still the bench mark for me, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem are borderline untouchable . Mgla are another recent discovery I've really enjoyed. After hearing Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River by Nargaroth I'm tempted to check out more of their stuff and am very much open to suggestions of stuff to listen to.
  2. For some reason I always though Demonaz wrote everything but turns out he's just been the lyricist. I've got to be honest I'm not a big fan of their later stuff. I know they were all well received and sold well but for me I lost interest after Blizzard Beasts a bit. I felt like they lost their bite. Pure Holocaust is one of my favourite black metal albums though so something along those lines would be welcome.
  3. 38 Not entirely I can pin point a favorite year in music although 1991 could be in contention
  4. Got given a copy of Killers by Iron Maiden on tape when I was about 8.
  5. I'm guessing we're talking the bands we're playing all the time lately? (Hope so because top 5 all time would have me sat here thinking for days) Vatnett Viskar Hope Drone Iron Monkey Downfall of Gaia Napalm Death They've all been on quite a lot the last week or so. I had a Deicide day a few weeks ago. Its a little patchy after Serpents of the Light for me but Once Upon The Cross and Legion will always be blinders in my book. IVth Crusade is always my first port of call with Bolt Thrower.
  6. Hahaha Yeah maybe I should have thought about the name a bit more. Just happened to be the album I had on at the time! I'm from Southampton in the UK!
  7. I prefer Barnes vocals when it comes to CC. Not by a great deal, and I think he's been pretty poor in Six Feet Under. As a band though I think CC have been at their peak with George, last few albums have been a little like treading water to me but overall I think he's probably been involved with the more consistent material. Not to say I don't love Tomb... or The Bleeding though, they're brilliant. I definitely agree that George is the nicer guy and have also heard Chris is a real asshole but in terms of vocals, Chris was an influence on me, George wasn't.
  8. Howdy folks, Been looking for a decent forum for a while, thought this one looks promising. I like most metal sub genres, not massively keen on Power Metal or the Operatic type stuff really but maybe I've just not heard the right bands! Generally my taste these days lies with Post-Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Sludge, Grind, Crust etc but I'll give most stuff a whirl. Been in a few bands over the years but not anymore, I think I'm too old for any starting anything new these days haha.