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  1. Beside Still Waters by The Luna Sequence Highly recommend checking her stuff out if you like bands such as Celldweller/Circle of Dust, Blue Stahli or Zardonic. Industrial metal fused with electronica. Some really good stuff.
  2. You've got some talent there bud! Have to say the 3rd one was my favourite, but they were all good. If you can you should definitely invest in getting better recording equipment, you've got some great potential!
  3. *New Post* (Article) Top 10 Album Intro's! https://abrasivenoise.com/top-10-album-intros-rock-metal/ Thank you if you check out my site, much appreciated!
  4. Trivium - Silence In The Snow Not a big fan of SITS, but even a bad Trivium album has some good songs on it (-:
  5. *New post* Conspiracy by The Raven Age (Album Review) https://abrasivenoise.com/album-review-conspiracy-the-raven-age/ Thank you for your time!
  6. Mines got to be Where The Wolves Come to Die by Sylosis. So dark, menacing and epic. I also find it interesting as it's almost too long to be considered an intro track, but too short to be considered a "standard" track.
  7. Top 5 bands in no particular order Sylosis, Trivium, Crossfaith, Sum 41, Metallica
  8. Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a great day/night! Just wanted to share with you guys a blog I have just recently started up, basically a blog dedicated to rock/metal music that will feature articles, gig/album reviews and hopefully lots more in future I'd be really grateful if you could check it out https://abrasivenoise.com I'm actually aiming to turn it into my own full time music magazine business, as I've had enough of shitty office work! Lol. I only launched it last week so there's not much there at the moment, but I've got more content coming and would appreciate you guys taking a look and letting me know your thoughts. Also, if you have your own blog let me know as it'd be interested to see how you are getting on if you are doing something similar! Thanks for your time!
  9. Yes I think it's good to have humour in music, like you said metal especially takes itself way too seriously and its good to have bands in the genre that are there for comic relief (Alestorm is the best example for me)
  10. Thanks! Sylosis, Trivium, Soilwork & Crossfaith are the bands I'm listening to alot at the moment.
  11. Hey all! My names Luke, just signed up so thought I should introduce myself! (Plus the forum told me to so... ) Been a metalhead for about 13 years but never signed up to a metal forum so thought it was about time I did. Mainly listen to thrash, melodeath, & metalcore See ya around!