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  1. Crotchduster - Big Fat Box of Shit was pretty entertaining when I was 19-20. Not really sure if it'll hold up (guess I should listen to it again).
  2. One of the best descriptions for Lost Horizon I've heard was "if Journey played metal".
  3. I actually enjoy a couple of their albums (Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil and Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood) as they make good background and driving music, though I think their shtick has worn thin with their two latest releases. And it seems like they're constantly on tour, passing through Chicago like twice a year. Fun music, considering they're just a simplistic mashup between Elvis/rockabilly and Metallica-inspired riffs.
  4. To be honest, I'd rather not date women more than a couple years younger than me. Most people are just vapid, regardless of age, though it tends to be worse the younger they are. Unfortunately, despite being a rather serious person, my age and appearance (I look pretty young for my age) don't benefit me.
  5. Humor seemed to work for Weird Al Yankovic. And it's not like he's a terrible songwriter; even his original songs are decent.
  6. Honda used Judas Priest's "The Hellion" in a recent-ish ad campaign for their Odyssey minivan in an attempt to market to male consumers. Granted, at this point, traditional 80s metal may as well be considered "dad rock" to the average person.
  7. I know what she's eating. Answer: not much.
  8. Just browsed your selection. Don't think I'm grim and kvlt enough for most those albums. :/
  9. Hopefully these guys are good live. Gonna catch them this Sunday with Manilla Road. \m/
  10. Pig Destroyer thread? Pig Destroyer thread. Hayes is such a brilliant lyricist. His lyrics come off as surreal, postmodern murder ballads and can be wonderful poems on their own. "The tape across your mouth says more than your words ever could" has to be one of my favorite lines of his. And Dio, oh man his lyrics can either be profound or awesomely bad: "Sing me a song, you're a singer" off Heaven and Hell.
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