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  1. Maybe an album is coming out; maybe a band is touring; maybe you're finally getting tickets to a festival; something is always happening. What are you most excited about happening this year? Me, I'm looking forward to the new Judas Priest album, but I'll give an honorable mention to Vader. I read that Vader is releasing an album titled "Straight to Hell;" I also read that they have entered the studio for an album alternatively titled "Tibi et Igni" for an early 2014 release, but that was on wikipedia. Iron Savior also has a new album coming out, but their last few weren't as good as their early work. Lastly, I have read in a few places that Iron Maiden might have a new album, but I don't trust the website I read them on; they seem to "bloggy"/personally owned. What are you waiting for in 2014?
  2. Sounds good; like I said, I'm not a big fan so I'm not familiar with either of their work. I just didn't know if it was the fanboyism effect or me missing something.
  3. I'm not a fan of Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot, and it seems like every "best drummers" list I read has The Rev and Joey Jordison listed high up. Does anyone know much about these two drummers? Are the good drummers in a bad band, or do they just get voted on by fanboys?
  4. I know that Nihilsit you are speaking of. The demo of the work they put out was awesome, but their later work in Entombed disappointed me. I only liked about their first two albums. I wouldn't say they stole they name. Yes, Entombed beat them to it, but I wouldn't call Nihilist stealers of the name. Maybe they had never even heard of the (Entombed) Nihilist, maybe they did. Whatever it is, I'm not worried about a band using the same name another band previously used. That would really only concern me if both bands were big time, but Nihilist changed their name to Entombed, and this new Thrash Nihilist isn't big time; they're not even signed.
  5. I've certainly made some progress since I posted that. Now I've started listening to Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, and Bullet For My Valentine. Plus I still listen to Metallica like before. And What's all this about Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning? I've never heard of those two bands.
  6. "The clown has no penis." My hill
  7. I look up the definition of aberration and I spell it wrong while typing it in. I suddenly understand Cannibal Corpse. My hill
  8. Wait! Does that mean lyrics today have meaning? Maybe I should spend the rest of the night listening to Lil Wayne while rethinking my life.
  9. Nonsenese, this guy can do it. Now This Dude Can Dance! Best Dancer Ever Maybe? AMAZING!!! vs. Pain Killer - Judas Priest by VJ snoopsagan | YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper (Turn the volume on the first "dancing" video off.
  10. While I will not disagree with you I must say, I have danced to metal before. Okay, maybe I wasn't "dancing" but I wasn't exactly standing still either. One day when my parents were gone I turned my stereo up all the way and played Kreator and I hopped while spinning in circles. Metal can make me move, more than just a head-bang, and while it may not be dancing, while I look like I'm having a seizure, it makes me move. I do agree with this; if I sounded like I was bashing popular music I didn't mean to. To tell the truth, I have found certain hip hop and even pop songs that I like. And Metal does have some of the same flaws associated with popular music. Sometimes pop music is said to have cheesy repetitive lyrics. Lets take a look at Iron Maiden, perhaps the most revered band in all of metal: "A brave new world, in a brave new world. A brave new world, in a brave new world. A brave new world, in a brave new world. A brave new world, in a brave new world." So I do agree that Metal shares some of the flaws given to to pop music. This is a good valid point. And please understand me when I say that I do not mean to sound pretentious. I would not care about being "less special." Really, I don't consider myself special just for listening to metal. Special is just a term that I used, a different word would have been a better fit, but for the time being, special is all I could think of. I'm not concerned about metal fans being less special, it was just a idea to present a counter argument in support of keeping metal not as popular. To add to what you said, we would have more ideas and musicians, of course, but back to my point, it wouldn't be as "unique." Yes of course each band might be unique compared to other bands, metal as a whole might not be as unique. Again, I don't mean to sound pretentious, but I'm just arguing that if more people did it, then it really wouldn't be as unique. If one hundred random music acts are taken, how many of them are metal bands? Theoretically all of them could be, but realistically, less than half is likely to be metal. If metal were popular, then closer to all would be metal, so you wouldn't be as excited to see one or more of those bands being metal. (I think my previous sentence better explains what I meant be "special".) But on top of all of this, there would still be elitists/enthusiasts. Hip Hop is much more widespread in the United States than Metal, but there are still Hip Hop artists (obviously) so those artists are the enthusiasts of Hip Hop and they might have "deep and intellectual" conversations about Hip Hop amongst themselves. Suppose metal were big, there are still going to be enthusiasts as I explained, so you can still have those conversations. Most imporantly, I want people to understand that I didn't mean to sound pretentious by this post. I couldn't think of a better term than special. But I certainly don't give any thoughts into "being special."
  11. Okay, here's a "VS" not pitting specific band related contestants against each other. This one is about vocals. I remember when I first got into Metal I loved screaming and didn't care for growling. Now I enjoy growling but don't care too much for screaming. There are some instances where I can accept a scream. Sometimes when the vocalist growls but emphasizes a line by switching to a scream, I actually like it. Very seldom will I enjoy something that screams all the way through. So here's the topic, which type of vocals are best? Screaming vs Growling vs Clean Really it does depend on the Genre, when I listen to Heavy Metal I like clean vocals, and of course in Death Metal I need that growling. But does anyone really prefer any certain type of vocals? I also like what I would describe as a shout, something more harsh than clean singing, but not quite a growl and still decipherable.
  12. Anal Cunt has an album called picnic of love with soft folk songs about friendship and happiness. Seth sings in a clean falsetto tone. And just look at the front cover, How can anyone call this band a comedy act? (I looked at the preview of the post; I'm not really sure how else to attach the photo, so there you go.)
  13. This is a discussion about mainstream metal. I'm not talking about metal bands that are mainstream like Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot; I mean if Metal as a whole were mainstream. What if Raining Blood was played over the morning announcements in school? What if Iron Maiden played the halftime show at the Superbowl? What if Peace Sells was the music that played at the beginning of whatever news channel you watch? That's what I mean. Would you like for Metal to be mainstream? Again, I don't mean artists selling out; I mean if hip hop and pop music never got big and Rock and Metal kept growing and stayed popular. Would you want Metal to be mainstream, or would you want it to stay underground? On one hand, you wouldn't have all the garbage music we have today, but on the other hand, Metal wouldn't be special. With Metal being so unknown by the populace, we can think of ourselves as unique, and I don't mean this to sound pretentious, but we really are. With all those sports fans there's one guy who's crazy about badminton, so what? With everyone that like cars being into sports cars, there's the few that prefer trucks, so what? And for everyone that wants to have the hottest shoes, there are some who would rather wear boots, again so what? Metal on the other hand is different, when most people listen to Katy Perry and whoever the big rapper is right now, there are those who listen to Metal, and that is different. As Metal fans, we can have deep and intellectual conversations about music with each other. Pop fans can only go so far when conversing about music, and usually it's just, "The chorus is so catchy." I read reviews about Metal albums and I am so impressed with what I read. The syntax, the above average grammar, the way the music is actually talked about, it's all so great. If Metal were mainstream, sure you could still write good reviews, but with it being so common would it mean anything, or would it just be another review? Reviews though, is only a very small portion of the Metal community that I used for an example. Another example is this forum, would it still be here if Metal were mainstream? I would imagine Metal discussion forums would still exist, but we probably wouldn't see as many, and those that did exist wouldn't be as special. Think about this; how many times per day can you have a good and thoughtful discussion about the transition from Bruce Dickinson to Blaze Bayley in Iron Maiden's career; how many people do you meet each day that can give their opinion on that topic? To add to that thought, have many of you would actually like to have that conversation, or any Metal related conversation for that matter? I love talking about Music with others and getting really deep into it, past the "I like it" part. If Metal were mainstream, would we still have those conversations? When you're with others do you ever say, "I saw a car today?" If Metal were popular, would deep (or any) conversations about it be worth having? Most of us hate or strongly dislike the garbage shoved on us everyday, but would you give all this up to have Metal replace that garbage? If Miley Cyrus was frowned upon and wasn't paid thousands of dollar for being an ass, would it be worth possibly losing all this? So back to the question, would you like to see Metal be mainstream, have it stay where it is, or somewhere in between, (or maybe even more underground)? Where would you like for Metal's place in society to be; please share your thoughts on this topic too.