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  1. Poland can be proud of Saltus Saltus- Perunie Prowad? [Z Tekstem].wmv - YouTube
  2. Check out Evergreen Refuge as well - very good music, not very much metal in strict sense, but has the power.
  3. In the past I had their tape, it was really genius. I think the title of the tape was "Battle Magic". Great tracks, glorious and powerful
  4. tW-hn5Xun0s New album of Forgotten Deity coming soon. Will be available in April 2014 through Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions
  5. The beginning (only the beginning) reminds me of Evergreen Refuge. But later on it becomes more aggressive. I like the hysterical vocals and the melodies. Really good band of which I've never heard before. I'm checking another songs and they are good as well as this one you posted. Like for example this beautiful masterpiece with clean vocals Alcest - Sur L'Océan Couleur De Fer - YouTube
  6. I did enjoy Moldun, really good stuff. Hard, powerful and aggressive. 100% pro band
  7. This Antareth sounds really good, I like it. Good vocals and melody, good solo. I did really enjoy the song The Fallen Angel. Plus great artwork. Shades from the past are good as well. I like this type of slow tempo. Check out my song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1lRYFq8TGU I would like to know your oppinion. I'll write sth about my band : Forgotten Deity is mainly black metal, with ambient influences. Up to this moment it released one CD and another one is comming to be released in April 2014 - through Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions just like the first CD. Most of the tracks are a blend of black metal and ambient. The track I posted here will be on my third CD entitled "Pagan Empire" and it will be released (probably) in 2015 HERE IS MY WEBSITE http://forgottendeity.blogspot.com/
  8. Great music though I don't get it why are they singing about suicide.
  9. If you're loosing interest in metal just look for sth else. Why would you force yourself to like sth that bores you ? But I think you will come back to metal sooner or later.
  10. Genre is about how the music sounds, not about the lyrical themes. In my opinion there is no such thing as "battle metal"
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