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  1. Re: What Are You Listening To? The House of Capricorn - Sign of the Cloven Hoof b0q40fH3zBY
  2. Re: General Internet Weirdness *
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To? Dolorian - When all the Laughter has Gone eLyd1GBtFvI
  4. Re: What are your top 3 Metal Sub-Genres ?
  5. Re: New Purchases/Acquisitions Grief - Turbulent Times Earthless - Rythms from a Cosmic Sky COC - In the Arms of God Bongripper - Satan Worshipping Doom
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    Re: Kadavar Glad you like http://www.amazon.com/Kadavar/dp/B0085Y ... kadavar+cd
  7. Re: Cover Art of the Album You're Currently Listening to Cheers Bro!
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    These guys are from Germany and play some Heavy Stoner Rock. I picked up their self titled debut when it was released in July and have not stopped listening to it since. The album boasts an old school prodution with lots of 70's vibes and some nice guitar solos. I expect we'll see big things from this band in the future. http://youtu.be/iGcFBwnheqY
  9. Re: Doom/Death I'm always searching the web for new Doom/Death bands, I don't have nearly enough variety on my CD shelves. A few bands that I do listen to: Asphyx Grief Winter Ramesses Paradise Lost (Gothic & Shades of God)
  10. Re: What are you top 3 Metal Sub-Genres ? Yes murph, favorites, I see that I left out the "r" in "your" in the Topic's title, hope it didn't confuse you This sheds some light on why I didn't recognize so many of your choices in the favorite riffs thread. I do like newer Cathedral and also Baroness but they are more like Progressive rock with some Sludge touches.
  11. Re: Cover Art of the Album You're Currently Listening to This is getting reissued on 11/13/12 http://www.amazon.com/Speedway-Warhead/ ... d+speedway Currently listening to C.O.C. - Deliverance ytCAdN4HvMs&feature=fvsr
  12. 1. Stoner Doom 2. Traditional Doom 3. Sludge
  13. Re: What Are You Listening To? Bongripper - Hippie Killer k2KBIs__91s
  14. Re: General Internet Weirdness *