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  1. Seems like I'm minority here. But, I love Heavy Metal as same as you do, brothers*
  2. Best of the Best! This band changed my life.
  3. Hi, The Strategos! BTW, I don't see any women here. Am I only [email protected]@
  4. 1) Deep Purple 2) Judas Priest 3) The Scorpions 4) Iron Maiden 5) Black Sabbath or Motley Crue or Def Leppard or Manowar or Metallica or AC/DC In addition: Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd
  5. I love "Six Blade Knife", "So Far Away", "Money For Nothing" and "Sultans Of Swing" the most among all the songs of DS!
  6. Personally Mark Knopfler's voice is one of my most favorite ones. His voice is so sexy! Well, I used to listen to Ice T, but I have only one album. I don't want to attack all of Hip Hop and Rap fans. There are many good songs and of course some of them are my taste.
  7. I agree. I hate Hip Hop and Rap!
  8. hehehe, I've become a HR/HM lover when I was 10, 4th grader. I happened to hear "Smoke on the water" in a store, it completely changed me.
  9. Yes! UFO, Rainbow, Motorhead, Manowar, Dio, Black Sabbath, and more and more!
  10. We especially love classic Heavy Metal Bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Metallica, Scorpions, MSG, and also classic Hard Rock Bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC etc... Sadly there are few HR/HM lovers around us. So, I'm very happy to join here:)
  11. Hi! Thanks for your warm reply! Actually I'm a woman, have 8-year-old son who is a drummer. We love heavy metal, well... my husband is not, but I don't care:)
  12. Hi! Probably it will take time to figure out how to use this forum, but at least I'm so excited!
  13. Thanks! I'm a new comer, so I have not figured out how to use this site, but I'll try
  14. Metal hello from the canter of ocean!
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