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  1. Aesma Daeva is a really good band. They're like a more cerebral version of Nightwish. Also, if you like early Nightwish, you might enjoy Amberian Dawnm especially their first two albums. I don't know if they've been mentioned yet, but you might enjoy Huntress, which is like a cross between Judas Priest and High on Fire.
  2. The Ritual has an amazing guitar tone, and had some of my favorite Testament songs like Deadline, Return to Serenity, and Electric Crown. Low is pretty cool as well; the vibe of that album is very 90s but still thrash. I kind of see it as what late nineties pop metal could have become. I listened to First Strike Still Deadly a while ago, and I was surprised how good it was, considering when it was released. The sad thing is that it's not even mentioned on Wikipedia.
  3. Yeah, he was pretty good. I actually think Steelheart's second album is better than their first; heavier, and more well-written.
  4. A while ago, I ran into a song that I really liked on Youtube by a band that I think was black metal. The cover looked to be a black and white photograph of what appeared to be a corpse-like individual, and I think it looked like his head was on fire (no, it wasn't the famous photo of the Buddhist monk setting himself on fire). It was a black and white picture, but the shade were more like those old photos where instead of pure white, there is a slightly sickly yellowish-brown tinge. It looked really eerie, and the music was awesome. Does anyone know what album/band this is? I think it was black metal, so I'm posting here, but it could have been death metal.
  5. I have to agree. I have as of yet to run into a band from the last year or two that truly moved me. Then again, maybe I'm just really picky in my tastes.
  6. What a silly assertion. Everyone knows that Nickelback is the future of American heavy metal.
  7. Rings of Saturn: Dingir Here are some more: This cover actually comes from an image from a favorite comic book of mine:
  8. Sounds like fun. I checked their website, and unfortunately, they are no longer on tour. I did demand that they come to my area on Eventful.
  9. I'm surprised there's no thread about this great band: mkGoh41T334
  10. Post-metal is essentially a mix of progressive sludge metal and doom metal, IMO.
  11. There probably will be a nu-metal revival in about a year or two, per nostalgia. I agree with this. Some of the best music ever made came about by fusing together different genres.
  12. I think Metallica's career is a perfect example of how true metal can resonate with the general public. There's of course their fifth album which put up Thriller numbers. Yes, I know that they simplified their sound, but it was still pure metal. It doesn't stop there, though. Just look at the sales for Metallica's first four albums; they vastly outstrip sales for the post-Black Album records. And what do people, many of whom got hooked on Metallica with Enter Sandman, say about Metallica's music? That they need to go back to the style of their early material. Hardly any is clamoring for a second Reload. There is a huge market out there for unfiltered metal, it just needs to be tapped.
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