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  1. Finally! My PC was broken, and I've been preoccupied over the past month or so trying to fix it. Apologies for the late replies, but thanks to all! On the note of Holy Grail, I saw them live and had a great time, met the band afterwards and they seemed like really nice, music loving dudes. I don't find they're as bad as some "retro" bands around. Each to their own though, Eh? And yes, I do listen to Strapping Young Lad. I love both bands (City is probably the heaviest album ever), and went to see The Retinal Circus in London last year, where he played some SYL! It was amazing, 3 hour setlist
  2. SikTH - Wait for Something Wild
  3. Love a bit of Trad Metal/Hard Rock stuff Sabbath, Dio, Maiden, Priest, Saxon, Rainbow, Rush, Motorhead, ACDC, Aerosmith, etc! Theres a great modern metal band that plays trad metal style stuff called Holy Grail, you may of heard of them? (Bah, still couldnt get the youtube to work) Also, I'm 21. Not that much older .
  4. I'll sort out a list for tomorrow then. Got quite a few to look over and it's been a while since they've had a good sort out anyway!
  5. I only have a few metal vinyls I have like (I haven't counted for a long time), 600+ cds? Maybe a lot more.
  6. Yeah I know this one. I know quite a lot of Judas Priest. I used to listen to them all the time! Painkiller is my favourite album though And I love Motorhead! Listened to plenty of them (seen them live 4 times ). Do you guys have like a cd/memorbilia collections thread?
  7. I don't have a favourite band, I love so much of it. Atm I listen to a lot of Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, Deftones, Opeth and Gojira (Metal wise). I love Judas Priest and Motorhead though! Painkiller has got to be the most metal album ever made!
  8. Hi there! I'm new to this website, and I just thought I'd try one of these Introduction Threads! I'm into all sorts of stuff really. Metal, Pop, Rap, Blues, Just anything I enjoy really. Metal is my favourite genre by far though. I listen to a lot of music all day (I'm a van driver and my phone is filled with loads of music), and go to quite a few gigs and festivals every year! I'm a massive collector as well. My two collecting passions are Retro Gaming and Metal Memorbilia. I'm totally open minded to listening to any new music, I'll give anything at least one spin! Redlar1?s Music Prof
  9. Thank you! Just found this website and I'm very much liking the look of it. Couldn't figure out how to do a link with an actual video icon though .
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