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  1. I like Ga Ga, I like (love)Metallica. But you can keep em separated from here on out. I don't trust her 😈
  2. Hi...I've never joined anything like this before. I hoped to follow opinions, info on Metallica's tour with Ax7 and in my instance Gojira. Too bad we're not getting Volbeat. I checked out Gojira and they are just not my type of band. Who knows, I might get the hang of this and stick around.
  3. I just got here. My first time on one of these things, in any category! I'm going to see Metallica in Seattle August 8. I saw them in 92 also and realized that was 25 years ago! Anyway I thought I could check out what people were saying about the tour on here. Wish we were getting Volbeat, I like them a lot and had never heard of Gojira. Well, I checked them out and they do that yelling thing on every word of every song I heard by them and I checked at least a dozen. Smh. ...I may be 56 but am I that out of touch? Is this COOL? But then, I'd be willing to sit through Tiny Tim's Tip Toe Through the Tulips for an hour if it means I'll see Metallica and Ax7! Thanks for the invitation to introduce myself.
  4. Read Oh, guess I don't know what quote is for. Rules have been read and willg to follow.