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  1. I like Ga Ga, I like (love)Metallica. But you can keep em separated from here on out. I don't trust her 😈
  2. Hi...I've never joined anything like this before. I hoped to follow opinions, info on Metallica's tour with Ax7 and in my instance Gojira. Too bad we're not getting Volbeat. I checked out Gojira and they are just not my type of band. Who knows, I might get the hang of this and stick around.
  3. I just got here. My first time on one of these things, in any category! I'm going to see Metallica in Seattle August 8. I saw them in 92 also and realized that was 25 years ago! Anyway I thought I could check out what people were saying about the tour on here. Wish we were getting Volbeat, I like them a lot and had never heard of Gojira. Well, I checked them out and they do that yelling thing on every word of every song I heard by them and I checked at least a dozen. Smh. ...I may be 56 but am I that out of touch? Is this COOL? But then, I'd be willing to sit through Tiny Tim's Tip Toe Through
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