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  1. Re: What Are You Listening To? Blind Guardian - Fly
  2. Re: What Are You Listening To? Judas Priest - Between the Hammer and the Anvil (Live)
  3. Re: Rate and Slate Rate: Black Sabbath Slate: Getting blisters from playing tennis barefooted (it was either that or flip-flops lol)
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To? Stryper - To Hell With the Devil
  5. Re: Favorite bands? The order varies, but I can usually boil it down to: Stryper Black Sabbath Judas Priest Led Zeppelin Blind Guardian
  6. Re: Metal videogame ownage moments! It's always fun to put on Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" while playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Cop chases just get that much more epic
  7. Re: Records, CDs, or MP3s? Usually you can get used CD's for quite a bit less than $17. Depending on how popular the album was, you can often get them for around $5, which is way cheaper than MP3's are.
  8. Re: So . . . . 10.3 days, 3646 songs
  9. Re: NINJA METAL They should do a concert with Alestorm and then it can be the ultimate Pirates vs. Ninjas battle of the bands
  10. Re: What Are You Listening To? Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution
  11. Re: Judas Priest or Motorhead? I like Motorhead, but I definitely have to go with Priest on this one. There's just so much more diversity in their catalogue.
  12. Personally I prefer CDs. They have the best sound quality and really are the best way for me to get into an entire album. What do you guys prefer?
  13. Re: Most Metal thing to eat for breakfast? hahahaha, I was thinking the exact same thing
  14. Re: Demon Hunter Vs. Behemoth What exactly is being compared? I mean, why is it these two bands specifically? They don't really play the same style of music, so there's not a whole lot to compare that you wouldn't get from simply comparing christian vs. satanic lyrics in general... I do like Demon Hunter, though. One of the few Alt Metal bands I listen to.
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