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  1. Many metalheads know of Morbid Angel as one of the best Death Metal bands the world has ever seen. Originally, they were known for their complex song arrangements, intense guitar playing, and severely fast drum beats that made a perfect death-metally sound. Lately however, I have noticed there is a rather negative opinion on Morbid Angel as seen in this rather humorous youtube video: i8ZpJ4lvEs8 Thoughts?
  2. Re: what got you listening to metal? Ever since I was a small child, I have had a disturbed mind. At first, I was attracted to the heavy sounds of the guitars and their speed, but what I look for in a song is something that simply can't be achieved. I want a song that will strike fear into the hearts of the most corrupt and hate-filled beings in existence, something that will make Satanist cry and a normal person shit out their eyeballs. There is no set of lyrics, drum pattern, guitar riff, crushing bass rhythms, or solo that can possibly meet my standards, but metal is the closest thing there is.
  3. Re: Death I believe that we either go to Heaven or Hell.
  4. Re: The Meaning of Life The meaning of life is derived from the individual.
  5. Re: TMA Discussions Part II: Physical Copies vs. Digital Fil It's all a matter of preference for most people. But I have a more practical view of this issue: For example, say I only have 20 dollars to buy music. I have two options; I can either buy a few CD's for only a few songs I like on each of them OR I can buy twenty songs that I do like digitally, if I buy them at all. In the end I believe digital copies win this round. Then there is the matter of convenience. Can you take your entire album collection in a car with you? I find this to be very unlikely. Can you drag around your vinyls to a party? Possibly, but there is a chance they will be broken, stolen, or otherwise lost at the event. Can you depend on your discs or cassettes to play at exactly the same quality every single time you play them? Maybe if you're paranoid about their condition, but I find this to be very improbable. Non-digital music also takes up space. Of course, to a person like you that doesn't matter much as it is something you find rather pleasant. Personally, I prefer to have 1,000+ songs on one device rather than in large amounts of CDs, cassettes, and vinyls. Each one of those things needs its own player as well, as you can't fit a cassette into a CD player. However, the question of 'what happens if your precious iPod or MP3 player breaks?' is raised, there is a simple answer to that question: if you bought the songs or illegally/legally downloaded it for free, you should still have an online-synced account that keeps track of the songs you downloaded. So in the even your music player broke AND your computer crashed, your songs are still there. There is something special about having CDs and cassettes, but I find that the advantages of digital music far outweigh the old style of music.
  6. Re: Hey Metalheads! I have problems with authority figures. Don't take it personally if I burn you.
  7. Re: Most Metal thing to eat for breakfast? Stole my first answer. But then I thought, a plane would be more metal than that. http://wrongtown.blogspot.com/2006/01/man-eats-plane.html
  8. Re: How Metal Affects You I already acknowledged your counter arguments int he original post. For the most part I spoke in terms of generalization, but I only mentioned the 50's because the decline of community from there was most noticeable and prominent at that time. I also acknowledged the existence of other styles by saying there were very few splits at all (especially compared to modern music.) The first thing you wanted me to back up is kind of strange to request. I can't tell if you want me to back up our culture (metal) and how it ties us together or if you wanted me to back up music bringing people together at all. When referring to metal I do mean it in regards to brotherhood and a sense of belonging, but it also seems to be more than that. It seems that it brings together many different types of people (whether through the love of metal or hatred of other music). I also acknowledged other fan-bases, but I cannot answer for your specific example that you gave, but I can take your word for it. Still, I doubt it is anywhere close to metal or the kinship and normalcy music was at during the medieval, baroque, and classical time periods. I may be interpreting your message wrong, but I believe you interpreted my message wrong. It seems you're trying to say the same things I did but in a different way. The main message I tried to get across was the decline of community in modern times compared to old times and that metal seems to have defied this.
  9. Metal is a musical style with its own characteristics and sounds just like any other musical style, but the special thing about it to me is the fact that it unites people together like no music has since the 50's. A long time ago before certain technology was developed, almost everyone knew how to play an instrument (mainly the pianoforte or something of its equivalent) and most knew how to sing. Before reading it was an entertainment, the only true form of entertainment besides violence or sex people had. As time moved on, music evolved, and with it a stronger sense of community. However, the fifties came, and technology started to develop even faster. Once this happened, music started appearing over the radio, on records, and on tapes. Along with these advancements, music started to split off in genres and styles, where before there had been very few if any splits of style at all. Now, what does this have to do with Metal? Metal has a community unlike any other genres that currently exist. Sure, there are large followings of rock, pop, blues, jazz, and other genres, but they don't have a sense of togetherness or a way of life. At the most, the fans of these styles feel the music as a form of entertainment that speaks to them, but nothing else. Maybe it will bring a family together in very rare cases, but I haven't seen it myself. Personally, metal has effected me by bringing me closer to my friends and even some people I barely even met. Metal is also the only genre close enough for me to vent my inner rage out in a cathartic manner.
  10. Re: The Metal Advisor Discussions Part I: Bands of the Same Personally, I wouldn't like anyone else to have a band name that I do already. It seems to bring even more competition to what is an already hard to achieve goal of being noticed by even the smallest fan-base. There is one band name that seems to have this problem really bad. Look up Hate in any respectable metal archive and you will see about seven different bands named Hate. If every band could be a bit more creative, I'm sure this problem wouldn't be such a big deal.
  11. Re: Mayhem Damn, I thought it would take at least three post before someone would notice that.
  12. Re: Demon Hunter Vs. Behemoth It's like comparing apples and oranges in a way; the real question is who do you like better and why? However, they both play metal, and both use similar instrumental techniques, so they are still worth comparing.
  13. Re: Practice habits? Damn, and I thought I practiced a lot. So how does your teacher like to teach you?
  14. Re: A place for lyrics or tabs? Thanks for the response Akeslj!
  15. Re: Dimebag Darrell He was shot. Metal.
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