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  1. The AK Corral - A Different Brand Of Country. I'm not a hater of country music, I like listening to songs where the guy falls in love at first sight, fights for the girl, wins the girl, marries her, watches her suffer a horrific accident, possibly in his truck, and then his dog runs away, but I was of the opinion that AK doesn't sing country. First listen and I thought that idea remained true, but then I gave the album a few more chances and I haven't looked back. I got it several years after it came out and I still listen to it a bit and do find myself pleased to hear him say recently he was working on a second album.
  2. I no longer have such a thing. I used to have a room before the kids were born but since then I moved my home office out to the bungalow and it's little more than a computer and paperwork so I get work done. But I find driving around on the tractor with music playing is all the escape I need these days.
  3. Don't Call Me Dude!!! (I know they didn't change their name to Scatterbrain but honestly every time I see or hear Tommy Christ all I can think of is that annoying video clip! Ludichrist weren't too bad though.)
  4. Dripping In Rancid Treacle OGRE
  5. Actually I haven't listened to that yet, was letting the original sink in before a cover, but shit they were quick putting that out.
  6. BLS - The Song Remains Not The Same II
  7. DD Verni & The Cadillac Band - Let's Rattle
  8. Egomaniac Neanderthals Dribble Sately MIND
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