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  2. I'm shit with details, have been for years. I'd be useless as an eye witness to a crime because I can remember the basics of what happened but I'd never remember details.
  3. The Damnation - Way Of Perdition
  4. To be fair I wasn't joking. I thought I was cleverly circling back around to an earlier comment which would make it an ouroboros like conversation. It wasn't until I went back and read the original conversation I realised it was different to the way my brain remembered, it.
  5. I agree it would suck to be the guinea pig but it could also be some fun, like when you find something absolutely disgusting but try and trick your fellow monkeys into eating it just so they get the same experience! Considering groups like our (Australia's) native Indigenous communities know and understand a shit load more about food than we do you'd reckon it would make sense to look at stuff growing in the bush and trust it's goodness. Forget about evolution, forget who shit what, trust the foods that these cultures who have survived more than 60k years did. But alas apparently some of us just want to eye off cucumbers!
  6. No doubts that fruit and vegetable evolution has happened due to ingestion/transportation and depositing. There's plenty of studies that show how this process has differed in fruits and vegetables that have become 'staples' as opposed the slower evolution of the fruits and vegetables that indigenous people ate thousands of years ago. It's a process that has been going on for millions of years. But was that their original purpose? Was their original purpose to be eaten in the first place? Where they created to evolve into something better through a process that may or may not have existed before their creation? It's the age old conundrum of who came first the chicken or the egg. The more important question has always been, who was the first person to watch a chicken drop something out it's backside and decide they actually wanted to eat it. He's only human!
  7. I think you lack faith in Google/YouTube's ability. They may not be able to definitively say what you're using that foil for today but with the amount of data we give them and the ways it's correlated they can make a pretty accurate guess. And the thing is if today's guess is baking salmon and it yields nothing, not only does the algorithm move on to something else like tin foil hats it also remembers you don't bake salmon for future reference.
  8. I notice occasionally that things my wife watches pop up on my feed but sharing the router means the Google/YT algorithms will always have some similarities. They can be filtered through the router so that it doesn't happen but generally at some stage something will pop up. What really gets me though is the amount of black metal that gets into my feed, some of it is direct from this forum, a band discussed here, or a video linked etc, but much of it is just random black metal albums. I'm probably getting 3 black metal albums to every other music genre.
  9. I don't really care one way or another about Ryan. For me he's far less annoying than many Hollywood stars and Deadpool is one of the few superhero/action movies I've actually seen. I don't go for big blockbuster superhero movies so I'm far from an expert, or even knowledgeable on the topic, but I don't think anyone but Ryan could have played Deadpool.
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