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  1. Blitz has been seen on video as recent as the last few years still vaping so I while I don't know for sure what shit he puts in that vape I wouldn't put weed smoking past him.
  2. With a name like that he's probably be into Overkill and weed!
  3. I stopped putting milk in my coffee out of laziness and the fact that I didn't have milk in the shed, only a kettle. I gave up putting sugar in my coffee when I gave up smoking. No idea why it happened that way it just did
  4. It all depends. Darwin's winters rarely get below mid 20's, but their wet season is summer and while they might reach 40's it's a heat influenced but the fact that cyclones could be forming whenever they blink their eyes. South down towards the big rock and it gets very warm with desert winds and a very hot interior. Cairns is beautiful, again it can get hot but they also have rain forests close by so there is humidity and often moisture. They also suffer a bit from the threat of cyclones during their warm season. But places like Emerald and Mt Isa usually get hotter because they have less rain and are more internal to the country's hot spots. Perth and WA are different again. Perth is warmer on average but because they so far south they do get low temps during the winter, they've even had snow a few times since records began. But when it's hot it's 10 day stretches of 40+, and it's dry, very dry, so you don't tend to sweat as much, therefore you don't heat up as much. Up north of WA, Broome, Tom Price, Halls Gap, it's more like Darwin but with temps reach into the 50's sometimes. Adelaide has it's fair share of warm weather but it's much warmer in regional areas which like WA and NT are desert and very remote. South Australia's weather it more variable and their weather follows across (not quite directly) across the middle, through the likes of Broken Hill etc towards Sydney. Victoria is kind of split. Up near the SA border it's quite a bit warmer on average as the weather passes from SA to NSW, but Victoria is split by a huge mountain range and south of that while temps still often get up into the mid 40's (with humidity) into the summer, there isn't as many 40+ days as on the other side of the ranges. But south of the ranges we also get a lot more frosts and cold weather in the winter. And Tasmania is on a par with Alaska July/August would be a good time to visit. If you get to travel around the country I doubt you'll find too many temps over 40, and in the south you'll still get snow. The only place that might be really hot is the Rock, but since you can no longer climb the rock it's not really that much of a tourist attraction.
  5. Santa wouldn't take that shit from a bunch of black metallers! #GoSanta!
  6. Damn, I don't think we have anything in common, but welcome to the forums I'm sure some here likes that stuff
  7. I generally drink my coffee black too. My wife likes it with milk and I'll sometimes froth enough up for both of us but generally it's black. I don't even have a brand, I pretty much just buy whatever is on weekly special when I go to the supermarket.
  8. I don't know if 12 oz for $16 is reasonable in America, my rough conversion makes 12oz about 350grams. Deathwish coffee may or may not be premium stuff but the name and it's associates dictate the price. It's like Mustaine Wine etc, the name increases the price. Since Deathwish don't have a local distributor in Oz they are pretty free to charge what they like, and that includes charging more than $70 to ship something that weighs only 12oz. In this country the stuff I buy from the supermarket is between $10 and $20 a kilo but I have no idea if it's premium, special, or just the crap someone swept up from the floor. Stuff from a coffee shop is usually dearer but I wouldn't have clue how much dearer.
  9. I hate the gossip/news sites, but they are a convenient way to find full interviews. Those sites make a living out of shitty commentors and arguments in their comment section. They also manage to make a single headline into 20 paragraphs by rehashing old shit for the majority of each article. But usually they also link to the full article or news piece which is where I find the information I want. I'm not so much on using them for new releases and shit like that because most of their reviews are as bullshit as their articles but the source material is often worth finding. Guess that rules out all the albums I've bought
  10. I want to try, because I'm a sucker for silly shit bands release, Zakk Wylde's Valhalla Java.reportedly the worlds strongest coffee. The reason I'm unlikely to try it is that the cheapest I can get it for here in Oz is $49 for a 360gm bag and that doesn't include postage. Deathwish Coffee are willing to send a 12oz bag ($15.99) here for $78USD postage!!
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