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  1. The first album, "Gates to Purgatory", gets 35 years today. Time to celebrate this classic!
  2. Heaven Shall Burn - A Quest for Resistance
  3. Coheed and Cambria - In keeping Secrets of silent Earth: 3
  4. What about the other albums?
  5. A merry christmas also to you and the rest of the forum members here.
  6. Great Record, my favourite Thrash Metal Record in 2019!
  7. RUNNING WILD is my favourite band, as you can see at my avatar. My TOP 3 Albums are: 1. Port Royal (1988) 2. Under Jolly Roger (1987) 3. Pile of Skulls (1992)
  8. Hi there! Just wanted to introduce myself because I'm new here to this forum. In principle, I hear everything I like, but mostly it's of course rock, metal and medieval / folk. My taste is wide and not limited to certain genres or varieties. I am also active in the forums of IRON MAIDEN DEUTSCHLAND, RAMMSTEIN AUSTRIA, ROLLING STONE, ULTIMATE METAL and POWERMETAL.DE. I'm also looking forward to a nice time here and happy chatting to the favourite music style of all of us. Cheerz!
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