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  1. Horns
    EmilyRose given a Damn from Grievous in Khemmis?   
    Discovered them several months ago at a show in Brooklyn (isn't it awesome finding bands that way?) and they killed. They've easily become one of my favorite bands. First album I listened to was 'Hunted', which I've enjoyed the most, though their other stuff is great, too. 
    Curious to know if anyone else digs them? 
    I find that they have a lot of interesting little layers of inter-connected styles and influences. On the 'Hunted' album there were random moments where I felt like I was listening to Candlemass, regarding the vocals. 
     Afterthought: wasn't sure which genre to place them in, as I personally think they are a cross over of doom+stoner. 
  2. Horns
    EmilyRose given a Damn from Paskee in Gojira   
    The only album I'm familiar with is 'From Mars To Sirius' and I've really enjoyed it every time I've heard it, that first opening song really pulls me in straight away.  
  3. Horns
    EmilyRose given a Damn from salmonellapancake in Spirituality through music   
    I'd first ask you what your own personal definition of 'spiritual' is, because I personally find it to be a loaded word with many uses/definitions. 
    I do understand finding 'spirituality' within music, and have heard the word used many times before regarding music, so I'm going to assume that in this context it is meant to describe a feeling of utter connectedness/present-ness in a specific way that is otherwise difficult to feel in the midst of modern-life contraptions, and generally tedious to describe or define. 
    A lot of different doom songs/bands do this for me in significant ways, but I've definitely experienced it in other genres/sub-genres. Atmospheric Black is another one, or even Depressive. The song 'Awaiting The Fire Or Flood That Awakes It' by Falls of Rauros definitely pulls me in, in this way!
    Some songs or bands will get me to this place more so than others. Some echo a inter-personal meaning that I naturally project upon, some reflect something ethereal and magical, some are humming notes that linger in a way that I cannot splice simply to myself but understand on a deeper level (hoping that makes sense).
  4. Horns
    EmilyRose given a Damn from Natassja in Greetings   
    Thank you! It's going to be hard to narrow down my favorite bands into an appropriately sized response for these boxed limitations, haha...butttt... Some favorites are Gris, Emperor, Ahab, Evoken, Hexvessel, Ulver, Cathedral, Elder, The Gathering, Khemmis, Satyricon, Summoning, Les Discrets, Mournful Congregation, Ved Buens Ende, Wedard, Graveland, Sleep, Swans... okay there's tons more but I'll stop there! I also love bunches outside of metal, like a lot of 70s progressive (Rush is one of my favorite bands!)
    And as far as books go, some of my favorites are Sabriel by Garth Nix, Sword of Shannara, Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson, Psychology and the Promethean Will by William Sheldon, various works by Christopher Hitchens, and quite a few others but I'm drawing blanks
    What about you? 
  5. Horns
    EmilyRose gave a Damn to RelentlessOblivion in Why do people hate the core genres   
    You missed suicidal Ghouls. Of course those stereotypes are also applied to metalheads and punks so the -core genres aren't unique in this pidgeonholing tactic.
    If you're talking more specifically about why metalheads tend to dislike the -core genres the reasons are much the same as for nu-metal. So many deathcore and melodic metalcore bands are essentially writing pop music with electric guitars.
    What little metal exists in their sounds is watered down and only there to seem edgy for commercial appeal. Even their images tend to be tailored for mass appeal. Their music seems to be a secondary concern which is completely the wrong attitude.
    The music offers maximum gratification for minimal effort like most pop and the target audience is transient in nature. These bands stay trendy and therefore successful because everything about them screams temporary fad. They make no effort to sustain a consistent fanbase because as each wave grows out of the phase a new one replaces them.
    I'm sure there are exceptions but of course few people are inspired to find out because they assume that all metalcore sounds like killswitch engage and trivium. Grindcore is probably the exception as there do seem to be quite a few metalheads (myself included) who dig the hell out of that stuff.
  6. Horns
    EmilyRose gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in What Are You Listening To?   
    Emperor "Anthem To The Welkin At Dusk"
    Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse"
    This all @EmilyRose 's doing.
  7. Horns
    EmilyRose gave a Damn to deathstorm in Greetings   
    Welcome Emily to the forum
  8. Horns
    EmilyRose gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in Greetings   
    Welcome to the forum. I'm a big fan of early Ulver and Satyricon, and Swans is one of my favorite bands as well. Rush rules. I'm also really into mid 70s-early 80s King Crimson and some Pink Floyd, but I have yet to open up to much else from the era.
  9. Horns
    EmilyRose gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in Greetings   
    Welcome EmilyRose, hope you enjoy your time here and find some connection with the members.
    Some fine bands on that list, Emperor, Ulver and Rush being the picks for me.