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    Just a gal who "kinda" likes metal. :)
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    Playing guitar, sketching, collecting metallica stuff

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  1. Destined To Die - Violator Great song and great band for fans of thrash metal
  2. I've always found it to be pretty ridiculous when people get suuuper offended after you sh!t on a certain genre or band. People have gotten mad at me plenty of times for saying that i dislike x artist or x band, and it's like woahhhh calm down!! It's my own taste and preference in music!! Geez... I LOVE thrash, especially how fast and raw it is. It was the first metal genre i ever discovered so I guess that's why it holds a special place in my little heart
  3. Exumer - Shadows of the Past
  4. Im actually into thrash as well! never understood why other fellow metalheads find it disappointing, Ive only been in this community for about a year or two so maybe thats why haha. i actually used to think almost everyone was into thrash but I was pretty wrong, majority of metalheads seem to prefer death metal Right! I keep forgetting about this, thank you very much for reminding me.
  5. Probably that option too Haha. Kinda off topic, but I was wondering what some of your fav bands are? Trying to expand my taste a little
  6. Well orcas are also known as the "killer whales" so I assume that's where the "killer cucumber" name came from. Very Nice! Nice pic dude!
  7. Bahah, right!!! It is truly amazing how much passion Nick had for music! I especially loved listening to his work in OHM, he went back to those jazz roots! Honestly, Nick's diversity in music projects is the reason why I love him so much.
  8. Okay, this one's true from what i've seen so far!
  9. Nick's pre-deth stuff is definitely good stuff, different from what he did before, but good. I feel the same way about Ellefson getting a hold of the production, something about this makes me think that the quality of the documentary wont be as good but I hope that I'm wrong. Ellefson aside, Im pretty excited to see unreleased footage taken by Nick himself - i heard there's some Metallica footage in there from when Megadeth opened for them! I was wondering if you've ever listened to his solo album `Life After Deth´. Sound quality is not the best but I loved hearing him sing in every track!
  10. I guess you could say so! Your profile picture is definitely an orca, sick!! Orcas are awesome animals.
  11. I dont know about you guys, but for me, Nick Menza is definitely a metal legend. The crazy amount of talent that man had is unbelievable. He had this raw, aggressive, fast way of playing, I think one could say he was a beast on the drums. No other like Nick Menza himself! I admire not only his ability to play the drums but his persistence in maintaining a creative mind and the strength needed to not give up after getting kicked out of the band in such way by Mustaine. I mean, if I had gotten kicked out of the band of my dreams 2 days after having a major knee surgery I would've given up on everything, but he didn't. Sure, he struggled for half a year with substance abuse, didn't leave his house at all, but he recovered from it all pretty well and went on to live a full-filling, healthy life. Hats off to Nick for that. I'm a huge fan of his! I wanna know what you guys think about Nick Menza.
  12. HA! You just can't really trust most black metal fans, huh? Just kidding (P.S. Is that an orca in your pfp? I LOVE orcas!)
  13. Thanks! Will definitely check those forums out.
  14. Hello, due to privacy reasons I won't be disclosing my real name but you guys can call me "Rattle" I am a gal who really likes death metal, thrash metal, nu-metal, not a huge fan of black metal but I quite enjoy Bathory. The reason why i chose to join this web page is to discover more metal bands, I feel like I listen to the same bands all the time! Hoping to make some friends along the way as well, really happy and excited to be part of this community - Rattle
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