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Found 2 results

  1. How's it going, guys. I'm Dave and I represent an Irish metal radio show called Put The Metal On. I just wanted to say hi as I'm a new member to the forums. My show is on 6pm (GMT) every Monday on 90.3 Near FM where we play the latest from Irish metal bands and metal gigs from cities like Dublin, Limerick, Belfast, Galway & Cork. Check us out @putthemetalon on FB, Twitter and Instagram if you'd like to check us out. Nice meeting you all. Dave
  2. Hi guys! Hey admin - if this post isn't allowed, i sincerely apologise! I am DJ KC, I present a radio show called "Bedlam" on SMART RADIO every Tuesday evening 7-10PM (GMT) which is appx 2pm (+ or - a few hours depending which time zone you are in) USA time Smart Radio is a NEW radio show based in Great Yarmouth Norfolk, and my show specializes in Heavy Metal, Thrash, hardcore etc. (There is already another guy who does the "classic rock" section on a friday) I am here for the lifelong love of Metal (I dont really do "genres" per say, it causes too many arguments!) but, I try to stay "pigeonhole free" and I do try my best to play requests. If we cant get around to playing that request that night, we will definitely make the effort to play it next week! You can tune in on the "Tuneinn" app on your digital device - search for Smart Radio GY Go to the homepage (link already previously supplied) or Get the SMART RADIO app on Android! We are currently making the app for IOS, but watch this space! check out BEDLAM check out SMART RADIO