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  1. sorry i guess my english are not very good. Actually my way of thinking is very confused. Sorry. But you get the point and thats what i was talking about. Not the outer image but the image in general. exhibit their knowledge not their appearence. I hope its clear now for you
  2. Well guys i didnt meant the way the dress or look like. I am talking about the exhibit of their knowledge. I knew a guy who cross-examine every person he knew just to make them feel uncomfortable. I( mean why someone wants to do that? The long hair the fashion etc is something i do too cause i like it. I think you misunderstood the question.
  3. Whats your opinion about these fuckin pozers who exhibit their music in many "pozer" ways and want to showing themselfs all the time. And i dont mean only famous guys but people who listen to metal and do that just for the image. I mean whats the point of listen to metal and not feel it. Sick bastards.
  4. Well when i answer to myself this question i thought: "If it was my last day on this earth and i could listen to 5 albums which albums i would listen to?" And FatherAlabaster you are completely right this list is about to change for sure. My question is not permanent and i think it's pretty easy to answer. If you think about it this way.
  5. What are the best five albums you've ever listen to?
  6. It's not old school sabbath but its still kickass. For 35 years inactive only sabbath could release an album like this. Fathers of Metal \m/
  7. Yeah that is something i can say for myself too. The only thing that never betray me, or critise me, or leave me, or make me feel like shit is metal. And it's weird to say that cause metal is not a person but the most of the time makes me feel better than any other person in my life so i see metal like something more than a living being. I see metal as some drug or something. Helps you in the difficulties, makes you feel better when you are fine, generally makes you feel everything more keenly...
  8. Exactly... It's like a medicine for the illness called "fucked up life". I don't know... Maybe it is so deep and that's why most people can understand metal and misunderstand. Because they can't give an explanation and that's comfuse them.. I don't blame them for that. I am just sorry for them. I feel gifted to be a metalhead you know...
  9. I was a bit o nihilist, pessimist and I used to have no hope for this world but the last year I started thinking more varied and and not "stucked" in the feeling of disappointment and sorrow which made me feel like a suicidal bepolic depressive shit and nothing more. My mind was so troubled and a fact happened in my life let me see it as something more important than you think. I dont to "put banners" in my self anymore and I believe the terminology of some philosophican limbs is a way to make you feel like you fleet somewhere. This is not a bad thing but you can easily have our own inner self made by you as a combine of more than one "thought cultures". Anyway are you sure you and your dog dont have a purpose in life? This is something so evoking for death dont you think?
  10. That's true. A person is his choice and action. We determine what we will be and what we are with our choices but I believe that the tiny existance of our "atom" called human is something more important than we think it is. I mean imagine the human body. We are made of cells. One cell is so small and so meaningless individually but in conjuction with the other cells costitute the human existance. So a single person which is so non-important accord with your point of view can be seen as a cell. The individualism challenges the meaning of life or the existance's but the section connects the cells and make them importnat and meaningfull. What's your view about that?
  11. "There's got to be just more to it than this Or tell me why do we exist I'd like to think that when I die I'd get a chance another time And to return and live again Reincarnate, play the game Again and again and again." -Steve Harris / Iron maiden Answer him \m/
  12. anyway i am new here and the black metal was under death so... The point is to answer the question if you want! - Non serviam
  13. What is metal for you headbangers? I mean deep inside what kind of feelings cause you? Why do you listen to metal? For me is a way to express my self. A way to stick it to the system. Metal helps me to find my self and maybe create my self. I mean couple of songs affect me so much and make me identify with them. The feeling is completion and freedom. I can't explain how content and hopeful i feel because of these bands and songs that make me have hope for this world despite the shits and the craps and the fucked up system which controls us. Us and our minds and souls. Metal waken people. Metal is FREEDOM. SO... stay metal \mmmmm/
  14. Actually here is for black metal isnt it?
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