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    I'm 16 and play guitar and listen to metal. That sums up about 90% of everything about me.
  1. Shit, I feel like I'm not having much progress with my guitar playing recently.
  2. Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason
  3. Got a new bong on order ^^ so excited yo
  4. Actually, he's said both. Get your facts straight yo.
  5. GLAM = Gay Los Angeles Metal
  6. Shit man, great selection of bands. Welcome to the forum! And Yobo, since when are you the only big Insomnium fan here? Have you forgotten about me?
  7. I mean that I can't just tune one of my guitars that low. Certainly not one with a floating bridge in it. The guitars I have access to that would be most suitable for this are my dad's. He just set them all up perfectly, so he wouldn't appreciate me fucking with them that much. Otherwise I'd already be part of the band. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing all the guitar composing. The other guitarist doesn't know what the everliving fuck he's doing, but he has potential. He's never learned any scales or anything, he just fucks around all day. So, his muscle memory knows where the strings and frets
  8. Well, hung out with a guy that needs a second guitarist for his band and wanted to see exactly what I was made of. According to him..this guy that's in an alleged amount of 9 bands or so..I'm one of the best guitarists he's seen around here. That was flattering. And bullshit. Problem is, his band wants me tuned in Drop B. I can't compose in drop tunings worth shit, and I'm not willing to tune any of my own guitars that low. I'm hoping they'll just tune up to standard E. It'd be nice to be in a fully formed band.
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