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  1. Well, for me it's the most brutal genre, I've heard (haven't explored goregrind yet).
  2. Hello, brothers and sisters in metal. Today, I would like to ask you, what do you think about Slam Death Metal? For me, it's still unexplored genre, but I enjoyed both Pathology and Abonimale Putridity. So, say what you think!
  3. "Dead' may have suffered from Cotard delusion which is called Walking Corpse Syndrome. More info here: Cotard delusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Eveybody has already introduced themselves, so I thought that I will give a try. My name is Karolis (call me Charles, it is in English). I am living in Ukmergė, Lithuania. I am 18 years old. I like all the genres of metal and I don't have my favourite yet. That is all for now.
  5. I love this band, it's my favourite. I like the tempo, bass, guitar riffs, vocals....EVERYTHING!
  6. This is what I call a pussy band. They make their sound appealing to masses. Though I like AX7 but I can't say if it is a special and truly metal.
  7. 1) No bitching, pussy sounds, only real instruments. 2) Concerts. 3) Musicians' dedication to metal. 4) Helps to release anger. 5) The brotherhood between metal brothers.
  8. Let's throw away all noob and Star Wards related stuff. We can make a mix those cool suggested names, metal monsters (i.e. Painkiller) and Norse mitology (Thor, Odin). Stuff like that. Also, you could names which are related to genres.
  9. My top ten 10 would be (not in order): Judas Priest Iron Maiden Accept Motorhead Black Sabbath Warlock Dio Dream Evil Holy Grail White Whizzard. The last 3 are newer bands but they make old good heavy metal.
  10. It depends if it is american or europian. My american 4 would be: 1) Overkill 2) Testament 3) Exodus 4) Slayer My europian would be: 1) Kreator 2) Sodom 3) Destruction 4) Tankard Yep it is The Big Teutonic 4.
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