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  1. The Strategos


    Yeah, it probably would have to be the best, though for personal preference I love Brave New World.
  2. Another awesome opening ! Are you working on any sort of meatier songs though?
  3. The Strategos

    Rate the song above you!

    Wow, what's not to like? 9/10 Wk6SJUGAev0
  4. The Strategos

    Leaving your country?

    If I wanted snow, I'd pick a Scandinavian country. Actually, I might pick one of those in any case, they are pretty great places, geographically, politically and socially.
  5. The Strategos

    who would you rather be?

    Ooh, tough choice. I'm going to have to say Rime of the Ancient Mariner because I think it has a slightly more epic feel. One for you, Murph-man! Rust in Peace or Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
  6. The Strategos

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    King of the Nordic Twilight - Luca Turilli. It's an MP3 album because no CD is worth twenty-five quid!
  7. The Strategos

    Linkin Park

    Awesome, a goodie with style!
  8. The Strategos

    Linkin Park

    Like Bowser from Mario then?
  9. The Strategos

    Linkin Park

    No Prob! Who is Vector?
  10. The Strategos


    Pretty good power metal band
  11. The Strategos

    Linkin Park

    Great new avatar there Dave
  12. The Strategos

    Power Chords

    I think the main reason is that chord sounds better than diad, hence in lay parlance it is a power chord.
  13. The Strategos

    Linkin Park

    I agree with you totally
  14. The Strategos

    Leaving your country?

    I love my country and would hate to leave, I have to say.