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  1. Re: Best lines For those who stood beside me I'm glad you understand Behind these written words I share the simple plan To hang on to the way that we feel. -Death, "Perennial Quest" Embraced within the coils of set I have no fear of the second death Of being slashed with knives Of being butchered on the slaughtering blocks No god or demon will feed on my entrails or drink my blood No blind servant of the throne of Ra Shall I willingly allow to devour me No consuming flames of uttermost damnation shall I fear No tongue speaking words of redemption shall ever penetrate my will Darkly splendid
  2. Re: Which Sub-Genres Have The Best Lyrics? Normally I wouldn't generalize an entire subgenre of metal as having good lyrics. However, most of my favorite bands for lyrics come from the progressive/technical death metal realm.
  3. Re: Recommended Black Metal bands? When you say symphonic/depressive, are you looking for one band that combines both? 'Cause that'd be really hard to find, especially since depressive is normally very lo-fi, while symphonic bands tend to make a point of sounding sharp and clear. But at any rate, Luna Ad Noctum is an excellent symphonic black metal band from Poland. The only complaint I have with them is that they don't really end their songs in very interesting ways. They'll be in the middle of something epic, and it'll just cut off. But other than that, they have lots of awesome, epic, an
  4. Re: Rate the song above you! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I just love when a fast technical band can pull off something slow. Hence my obsession with Nile, Morbid Angel, and Behemoth. 10/10. Anyway, I figure I'll continue in the doomy direction here... IYmqxaR9r0Y
  5. Re: Rate the song above you! 10/10. It's fuckin Dio. AXPinvtDt2o Probably the most haunting death metal I've ever heard...it never fails to give me goosebumps.
  6. Re: Favorite bands? Testament (first true metal I ever heard was the album "The Gathering." I hit puberty all over again that day) Death (thought their logo looked cool, so I listened to scavenger of human sorrow and loved it) Nile (never fails to give me the epic goosebumps) Deathchain (eased me into death metal but I still find them awesome and underrated) Vital Remains (first death metal I'd ever heard was "Icons of Evil" and I thought it was horrible. Now I love them)
  7. What are your favorite extreme thrash, death/thrash, or black/thrash bands? Mine are: Deathchain Legion of the Damned Demolition Hammer Dark Angel Final Breath Sarcofago Witchaven Desaster Hypnosia Nocturnal Breed Aura Noir and lots of others that I can't think of right now.
  8. Re: Cynic new album!!!!!!! It will be released on the 15th of november.
  9. Lately Paul Masvidal announced that there will be a new Cynic record soon called "Carbon Based Anatomy". YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: what got you listening to metal? I was nine or ten years old the night my dad brought home "The Song Remains The Same" DVD from blockbuster. I've never been the same since. As far as metal, I actually used to really not like it at all. Then I finally got warmed up to (sigh) bulletformyvalentine (dodges thrown objects). But then once I got bored of them, I started looking for heavier stuff, and I found Testament and Sodom. You should've heard me the next morning. I had this friend that I used to listen to BFMV with all the time, and the moment we saw each other I practically screamed "DU
  11. Re: Most Metal thing to eat for breakfast? Scene kids with a nice side of Justin Bieber fangirls. Isn't it obvious?
  12. Re: CLOTHES On warm days, I wear loose fit shorts (as long as they're not falling off my waist, but that's why I use belts for their original purpose). I have a pair of camos that I cut off at knee level. On cooler days, I wear straight or loose fit jeans or cargos (again with a belt). Other than that, I got Death, Testament, Morbid Angel, and Metallica for metal band shirts, as well as several classic rock shirts. I've also got this sleeveless plaid thing that I pretend is a battle jacket... It's so funny. My mom keeps giving me fashion advice and telling me I have the ugliest clothes she's
  13. Re: Good metal bands Death, Cynic, Nile, Legion of the Damned, Warbringer, Augury, Havok (nothin but fun fast thrashiness), old Morbid Angel, Obituary, Dismember, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Holy Moses, Desaster, Emperor, Borkagnar, Naglfar, Luna Ad Noctum, Belphegor, Hellwitch, Bathory, Witchaven, Celtic Frost, Angelcorpse, Vital Remains, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy...
  14. Re: Letter song Nile- Nas Ankhu Khan She En AsbiU
  15. Re: Rate the song above you! I'm a fan of the song, but not the music video. I'll be honest- around about 1:26 I was waiting for the disco ball to fall on the singer's head. But anyway, impressive guitar solos, and I like the singer's high and low range. Lots of feeling and expression overall. It's hard to get into the video though. 7/10. This one is just fun to blast LOUD. f3R2uE2l8R4
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