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  1. Re: Periphery - Self Titled Debut. fair does they have a fantastic guitar tone and crushing heavy riffs but i cant stand the vocalist haha i dont know if i got some sort of problem or something but i think these would sound way better with some insane guy like lord worm growling and grunting into the mic instead of a clean vocalist
  2. Blotted Science's debut album is mindblowing to say the least, and definitely one of my favourite technical death metal albums of all time. Their Line up features the legendary prog metal shredder Ron Jarzombek from Watchtower and Spastic Ink, the epitome of brutality Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse and an insane drummer called Charlie Zeleny. The result of these 3 astonishing musicians working together is incredible - the guitar tracks are incredibly complex (but not wank) and brutal at the same time thanks to the experience of Jarzombek (complex) and Webster (brutal) working together, it is packed with crazy 12-tone riffs and insane bass and guitar solos, the sound is phenomenal! As for Zeleny, he is a great drummer and just blasts away at hyper speeds when he feels like it during the songs but keeps it extremely tight like any respectable technical death metal band should. If you haven't heard this album already then you should definitely give a few tracks a listen on youtube or something, the only thing that might put some people off is that there is no vocalist, but to be honest if there was it would probably ruin the music, this sort of music really doesn't need one. Tracks I recommend are Amnesia and Synaptic Plasticity, and if you haven't ordered it from Ron's website or wherever within 24 hours of reading this review I will personally go round to your house and kick you in the nuts. seriously.
  3. beef


    Re: powerviolence! lol what songs have you heard?? i reccommend this or any song off the album 'frozen corpse stuffed with dope'
  4. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts Razor Kreator Slaughter Beyond (canada)
  5. why is there no powerviolence?! agoraphobic nosebleed are possibly the greatest band on earth! for those that dont know, powerviolence is hardcore punk mixed with metal and steroids played at 600 miles an hour with songs usually less than 30 seconds, and it fucking destroys listen to agoraphobic nosebleed now if you havent already and prepare to have your face ripped off
  6. okay its not that new but still, i don't really know what to think of Traced In Air. I really enjoyed Focus, but Traced In Air isn't nearly as heavy, and while the robotic vocals were bearable in focus i really cant stand them on this album. 0 whats your thoughts on traced in air?
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    Re: VEGETARIANISM mmm seeded bread is nice
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    Re: VEGETARIANISM dude i was just kidding about what i wrote on slipknot thread (some ppl take shit too seriously) what do you mean anyway im sure the other guys who are pro vegetarians are vegetarians themselves surely
  9. Re: melodic death metal whats the difference between melodic death metal and normal death metal cause normal death metal is still melodic
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    Re: Djent ive heard meshuggah but they just sound really boring to me, very repetitive and monotonous etc.. yes ok they can play in 345/64 time signature but it doesnt sound much different than any other generic death metal riffs
  11. beef


    Re: Whitechaple is deathcore really as bad as some people say? i dont wanna sound like a poseur here but ive heard bring me the horizon and fair does they are shit but surely theres got to be some good deathcore bands? are whitechapel one of them?
  12. beef


    Re: Slayer listening to divine intervention its actually a lot better than i thought, i dont know why critics think its a terrible album its almost as good as their first 3 albums! sex murder art and dittohead are probably the best slayer songs ive ever heard
  13. beef


    Re: Electronic yeah their latest material blows goat balls but their first album is great drum and bass if your into that sort of music
  14. beef


    Re: Electronic the prodigy and pendulums first album (hold your colour) are pretty good
  15. beef


    Re: DragonForce yea and problem with a lot of very skilled bands like spiral architect or stratovarius is that they just sound like wank to me dont get me wrong im not an idiot i can understand the riffs and unorthodox time signatures and shit but theres nothing there that makes you wanna bang your head cause its not memorable or enjoyable or brutal at all! the only bands i really know who are talented and make good metal music too are watchtower, blotted science, voivod, sadus, and cryptopsy