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  1. Re: what song would you want played at your funeral? I'd like Mirrorthrone - So Frail to be played, I want to go out with a bit of Cochet in my family's ears.
  2. Re: Recommended Black Metal bands? Okay guys thanks I'll be sure to try 'em all out sooner or later lol
  3. Re: Recommended Black Metal bands? Algaion eh? I'll try em out \m/
  4. Re: Recommended Black Metal bands? Burzum I like! I already listen to a bit of Varg Vikernes
  5. I'm new to this site, so forgive me if I do anythin' wrong. Nevertheless nice to meet everyone here
  6. Re: Recommended Black Metal bands? Ah, cheers
  7. Anyone know any good Symphonic/Depressing Black Metal bands? I'm sorta new to the genre, and am searching for some new material.
  8. Re: Black Metal I love it depressive and symphonic... but I like other types of Black Metal too, if anyone knows any good bands that are like this, mind givin' me a heads up?
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