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  1. So are there any Pagan's Mind / Stargate fans out there? What are your favourite songs / episodes? I like AegeanShores / Window of opportunity the most.
  2. Re: Metal camp Fuck yeah, metal cruise sounds awesome. Lineup last year looked amazing too.
  3. Re: firewind Been a massive fan of Firewind ever since their Demo. Their newest album isn't that great though. I have some funny pics of me hanging out with Firewind after a gig, it was hilarious because I had this banner with me, I have some photos somewhere, let me try to find them.
  4. Re: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 She was ok, nothing that special. She killed herself. Nothing to mourn about, as others have said, mourning those in Norway is much more important.
  5. Re: classical? Holst is a boss. 3B49N46I39Y Also I like stuff like Philip Glass and Michael Nyman. I wish I could play piano
  6. Re: Death I think it's impossible to know, but most likely there is nothing.
  7. Re: Deathcore That video reminds me of ... well me. More berserker!!
  8. Re: Hello, metalheads. METALLL!!!!!! I mean welcome...
  9. Re: Which Sub-Genres Have The Best Lyrics? I tend to find my favourite lyrics are from Melodic Death bands, then probably Power and Progressive.
  10. Re: Avenged Sevenfold Afterlife is actually one of my guilty pleasures, but to be honest most of their stuff isn't that great.
  11. Re: How was your day? In five words or less Actually the same for me, my computer has been broken for over a month and finally got it fixed. Onto the actual topic discussion: Bakes lots of lovely cookies!
  12. Re: Synthesizer! Depending on how much the Synthesiser or Keyboard discussion is used, we may bump it up with the more core instruments.
  13. Re: Download Vs. Sonisphere Sonisphere, without a doubt.
  14. Re: Judas Priest or Motorhead? Judas Priest without a doubt, they are just a much better band.