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  1. On a black and stormy night, there lay in the black valley the blackest city to have ever been. In this city's black streets, under a black sky, there were columns of houses, each one the deepest shade of ash. But there was one house, the blackest of them all, with filled black windows and an iron, black door. And walking in, the floor is also torched black, each room deeper than pitch. But there is one room with the blackest black on its door. And opening the door, your feet stick to the floor with its soot-colored panels and the walls are black and the ceiling is blacker than night. And in this room, there is the blackest corner, the darkest shade to have ever been. And there is a man coated in black, coated in foul whips of soot and smoke. You stare at him and he stares back. The door opens and another man walks in. He opens his mouth: "Seryoga... maybe it's time to stop burning rubber?".
  2. Undertaker - Necrothievery (1994) At a first glance, easily dismissable brutal death metal demo that took me far too long to find. However, its reticence of thrash elements credit to its early arrival on the scene, much like Suffocation's Human Waste, makes it a very enjoyable and catchy listen, while remaining distinctly brutal. Awesome solos and catchy riffs make this a worthwhile demo to locate.
  3. Slam can be hard to enjoy because of the (for many unfortunate) influence of Cephalotripsy, but I think it's a genre that unironically holds some of the most creative releases out there. An example is Jenovavirus, Demo #1, a cult slam release that while possessing stretches of gritty slamming features eerie vocal fry, atmospheric guitars (in contrast to the unrepentant breakdowns of ~Cerebral Incubation), and some of the more alien licks on the diminished scale I've heard. Another name already mentioned is Dripping, which is the genre's Demilich, and although they are mostly known for weird sample abuse they pack some unforgiving riffage on the main course. There are also mainstay titles like Devourment (a progenitor of slam) and several more eccentric dark horses that can be named (7 H. Target), but I do agree that the majority of slam is repetitive and not engaging beyond some sudden headbanging. The genre is very homogenous and rarely overachieves. On an average day, I would easily say its older brother of brutal death surpasses it in variety and average quality, as well as classic records. However, the extreme "experiment" posed by slam death inspires rare creative bands to work out of its confines and create a summarily more engaging release, surpassing even brutal death titans.
  4. If you've heard Devourment's Obscene Majesty, the tone may or may not have struck you as so distinct an element as it did me. The low-end chainsaw sustain being its critical element, or whatever the true schematic of this monstrosity may be. I want to replicate it, and I'm working with Bias FX 2, so I essentially have every generic classification of guitar FX at my disposal. If you understand what's going on with their tone and the type of amp, settings, pedals, signal chain and the works I would need to arrange to come close, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hello, When it comes to metal, seek and destroy is the name of the game. I haven't heard every quintessential release that there is to be heard, but I love looking for obscure, especially avant-garde or quirky, metal and when I have my hands around the neck, getting a taste. I also play electric guitar, not very well but always practicing, and my favorite general genre is brutal death metal. My favorite metal bands are Suffocation, Nile, and Death, and from the secret stash I recommend Devital's 2004 Promo single (Brutal Death), Tetsuo's Ranshuo EP (Industrial/Doom), and Hospice's Irreparableness (Avant-garde Death). Glad to be here!
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