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    I'm a 49 year old average Joe who is into Oi,Punk,Hardcore,and am finding my way back to a very old live affair with metal.
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    Bay Area
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    I collect vinyl,CDs,and tapes,I occasionaly do artwork,and love hitting shows in the S.F.Bay Area

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  1. Aseitas----False Peace HOLY SHIT HAS ANYBODY ELSE CHECKED THIS BAND OUT? I stumbled onto them on BandCamp. So heavy, vocals are guttural and dark, sometimes the mudic is melodic and maybe technical /progressive soumdimg,other times its heavy sludgy , and chaotic. Only other band Ive had this reactiom to waa Conjuror. Gonna grab one of the double LPs they have available for pre-orderr Love the vox!!!
  2. Beyond Torment ---- Harsh Realm Here lies Necrophagia ---- Necrophagia Demo--- Writhing Shadows. Bolt Thrower always satisfies!!! I love torturing the ex-wife by cranking " Spearhead" up aa high as the stereo will go.
  3. Xathrites " My Last Day Story" Myrkridia " Termination Entity" WarMarshal " ......To Regain Lost Glory" SwanSect " No Ressurection"
  4. Nocturnal Departure -Cathartic Black Rituals Conjuror - Plunging Below Coupe Gorge- Histories De Poisse And oh shit!!! Minenwerfer/ Flak - 1914 1939 split Soooooo damn good!
  5. You go bro--- let your Seattle flag fly with no shame!! S.O D. Dio - The Last In Line The Cure- Head On The Door ( lol-- very metal album name.....right?)
  6. Agreed--- really cool cover for this album I've been listening to Neurosis' first album " Pain Of Mind" a lot lately and if anybody here are fsns of the band---- do you like Psin Of Mind? Its very different compared to the later metal stuff.
  7. Is the album art ( I assume its the cover art I found on the YouTube listing for Banished) done by the comic book artist Tim Vigil? Vigil did the incredible horror title Faust. It looks like a Vigil piece.
  8. Im not sure where I'd rank the man on greatest of all time ,but he'd be on the list. Incredible range ,really emotive and sells whatever hes singing. Skid's version of Little Wing......man tjats gpod, He doesnt get his due tbough and that sucks - doesn't matter if he waa all glam-eed cocl roclec out or not......dude could sing.
  9. Happy Bday!!! LOL--- Not my bday today ,but I had the DarkThrone jones too. Listened to some Bathory,Marduk,and am playing the shit outta Conjuror - Figbt Or Yield. I hope somebody is though6ful enougb to either get you a warhammer, machete,or a piece of music that contains the word " eviscerate" it in for your birthday! All dumbshit aside--- happy bday!
  10. Not a huge fan ,but I didn't dislike rhem either. I find myself going back to bands I've listened to back in the day because of today's musical shitscape.
  11. Agreed good sir........it doesn't sound bad per se......,but it is a bit lacking .
  12. What an incredible musician!! From the technical aspects of music---- I'm about as refined as a hand sledge wrapped in duct tape ,but I do know what sounds good and Randy's guitar work was incredible. I'll often listen to Dee and the hair still stands up on my arms and I get goose bumps......some 35 years later ( for me) -----I've had the good fortune to share Randy Rhoads with my daighters and I imagine somewhere across the world right now somebody is telling a child, a friend,a Wife " wanna hear something really beautiful" ----- then they drop the needle / hit play on Dee
  13. Agreed, all 3 were really powerful front men and imhp--- I'd say Sebastian Bach had the better set of pipes. To this day I still crank up the volume and play " Wasted Time" by Skid Row .
  14. LMFAO, yeah--- nobody ding me for going off topic. So one of the guys who were I went to high school with kept talking about his older brother Derek getting batches of " African Ceremonial Death Weed" Said cannabis from the dark continent was reserved only for Tribal Shamans/ Necromancers who would smoke this gamja that was so powerful and supernatural---- it would produce the same euphoric effects as today's weed, hallucigenic effects of psylocibin snd L.S.D.,and ,the m8nd numbing effects of opium. OF COURSE THIS WAS THE SAME GUY WHO SAID THE DRUMMER FROM Y&Ts MOTHER WAS A CASHIER AT OUR LOCAL K-MART AND WOULD BLESS FANS WITH FREE SWAG. I figured that pursuing either--' African Ceremonial Death Weed or Leonard Haze's mom would only lead to misery and ruination of the immortal soul and refrained from eitber
  15. Samhain - Archangel Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God Epidemic - Hands Of Ruby
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