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  1. Yes, exactly! So easy to listen to from front to back. Love the title track, too. The tone reminds me a lot of Maiden's 'Gangland,' which is one of my favorite songs.
  2. Love 'em. Unisonic, formed of Kiske and Hansen, is an awesome group as well. I love Running Wild but they very different in tone, IMO. Helloween has more of an ethereal, often upbeat or reflectively melancholy sound whereas Running Wild is more in-your-face attitude and defiance. Both bands are great storytellers and masters of creating an epic feeling but I think they are pretty different. Rolf and Kiske seem like opposite ends of the metal singer spectrum, other than both being awesome.
  3. Definitely one of my favorite bands. When I'm looking for something to work out to or just to really get into, they are one of the only bands that is up there with Iron Maiden and Dio for me in terms of being able to consistently deliver. 'Mirror Mirror' is my favorite Blind Guardian song and I guess Nightfall on Middle Earth is my favorite album by them as well. But, to paraphrase Office Space, I celebrate their whole catalogue. 'The Bard's Song', 'Lord of the Rings', 'Time what is Time', 'Twilight of the Gods,' 'Under the Ice'...I could go on. One of those bands where a good chunk of their catalogue occupies the place in my heart reserved for favorite songs.
  4. Been listening to Sound Barrier, Running Wild and Medieval Steel a lot lately. Sound Barrier's Speed of Light album, Medieval Steel's EP, especially the title track and Port Royal from Running Wild. Also, Stargazers from Rainbow and Stars from Hear N' Aid. And the soundtrack of Shocker.
  5. Maybe it is an exercise in futility and I understand that classic albums are such for a reason, but can anyone think of any bands or albums that approximate the sound of Maiden's Somewhere in Time? With that clean, almost cold and futuristic sound and the incorporation of guitar synths? I feel like Somewhere in Time captures a sound that almost merges pop and glam metal with traditional metal and almost any other band I hear has some elements of what I hear in that album but almost never the full package.